Challenge #72: "Tangleation Nation - Crescent Moon"

This week's Diva challenge asks us to do a monotangle using only Crescent Moon and applying as many tangelations as we care to, what fun! When I look at Crescent Moon, it's all about the shapes and the auras that enhance that shape.

My last Basic Zentangle class we were working on Crescent Moon so this was a timely challenge.

I cheated a bit and used, not my tangle, but a beauty that uses the basics of the Crescent Moon process Allium by JJLaBarbera, a great tangle for contrast. My first tangleations reminds me of an army of Crescent Mooner's, I really enjoy the leaf shapes down to the Diamonds. Fun, lot's of variety, a good exercise this week

Challenge #71 - New Tangle - Pea-Nuckle

The Diva's challenge this week (#71) is to use the brand spanking new Zentangle tangle Pea-nuckle designed by Holly, Rick and Maria's daughter.

I found this tangle a little challenging, I was bothered by the extra curve formed by my "s" shapes but after looking at the Diva's tangle examples more closely, I realized that's part of the tangle, who knew? I also looked at the direction once and thought I could work from memory. Why did I think that would work this time? Insanity is...

Anyway I completed this tile and realized I left out the middle portion. Whoops, thank goodness I left the negative space pure black and was able to add the missing "appendages" with white gel pen. There are no mistakes in the Zentangle process, just some opportunities. I enjoy the final outcome and the process.

For this tile I used a good toothy heavy-weight paper I found with grey specs. I often stop by the "Scrap Box", an Ann Arbor, MI recycling place offering lot's of stuff people would normally throw out. It's a great place to find paper and other neat items for craft projects. I found this paper for $1.00 per inch. I try to stop by at least once a month to see if they have any great finds on paper.

Challenge #70 - Color Me Sepia

A Zia using Groovy, Sanibelle, Hollibaugh tangelation,
Tipple and some Black Pearls
 The Diva's challenge this week #70 asks us to add a touch of color, sepia/brown. I didn't have any sepia markers so I used a pink highlighter and modified the color in Photoshop. I didn't want to concentrate on the color I just wanted a textured color wash background leaving the focus on the black.

This was a fun exercise and I tried to emulate some of the maker bleed studies I've seen Molluscus do. I also enjoyed reading Sue Jacobs process on last weeks "Groovy" Diva challenge when she created a color background.

So I'm dipping my toe into the color...

Okay, I did a second version on a paper bag. It wasn't the smoothest or easiest surface to work on but I enjoyed how it turned out. I probably should have unfolded the paper bag before beginning tangling? Who knew, and old grocery bag could be turned into a Zentangle study!

Paper bag ZIA, with W2 ribbon tangelation, some buttons,
Shattuck, Stricles, Mooka and some Tipple

Challenge #69 - UMT Groovy

Groovy, Poke Leaf, Hybrid, Black Pearls,

Challenge #68 - Duo Tangle - Stricles and Hybrid

Stricles and Hybrid Duo Tangle

Spring 2012 Zentangle Basics at 212 Arts Center

Thursday, April 12 Zentangle Basics class.

We reviewed Hollibaugh, Tipple, Printemps, Keeko, Cadent, Knightsbridge, Pokeleaf and Pokeroot, and Crescent Moon. They did a wonderful job and a good time was had by all.

Here is our final Mosaic, great job ladies!