Challenge #87 - String Theory XII - Pinwheels for Peace II

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” 

― John Lennon

Laura's challenge #87 was spurned again by Amy Broady, CZT in TN. She reminded Laura that September 21 is the International Day of Peace. What a wonderful idea for a challenge. We all need Peace in our lives and world. John Lennon said it best.

I love the peace sign (being a child of the 70's) it resonates for me. I think it's great that the 70's are "kool" again to the current generation. Seeing them wear peace signs and wearing the "vintage" garb from my era. Who knew?

My pinwheel incorporates a spinning swirl for movement, Shattuck, some Auras and, of course, Peace signs and a Peace Dove! This took me many renditions and quite a few days to complete but the result works for me. Peace and Love man! A wonderful message that we can all appreciate and, hopefully, try to live on a daily basis.

Zendala Dare Catch Up #20 - #22

Challenge #22
Monotangle: Variations of Arc Flower
Zendala Dare #21:
Tipple, Paradox, Assunta, Crescent Moon
Zendala Dare #20:
 Printemps, Auraknot, Tipple, Crosshatch,
some screws, and Spiky Wire
I've been playing catch up with Erin's Zendala Dares. I find I start them but need to put them aside for a while and come back and revisit them. I'm not usually satisfied with my first attempt and it seems a little overwhelming, so I set it aside. When I come back to the piece, revisit it, I can dive back in and add shading and some line work and I'm satisfied with the results.

For Challenge #22 I was able to sit down and complete my piece in one sitting. I used the 3.5 inch tile size. Erin asked us to do a monotangle for this piece and I enjoyed taking the basic elements and deconstructing them and using them in a variety of sizes and variations. Arc Flower is a fun pattern and flows easily, thanks JJLaBarbera.

For challenges #20 and #21 I chose the large single Zendala template on a letter size sheet. For all the patterns that need to go into a piece I feel I need the space. It takes much longer but I do enjoy the process. I usually put my piece down for a couple of days and then revisit it, add more contrast and shading. With Zendalas I find I need more time and tend to do more versions. Maybe the process will get a little more refined but I'm enjoying the journey.

I work on a laptop and have discovered that I can use my laptop screen as a light table to transfer the template directly to my paper. I open up my laptop fully and then I have a flat surface light table. I make sure to use a very light touch when I trace so I don't damage my screen. This is the best technique for me because it keeps the organic feel to the template when I'm tracing free-hand rather than printing them out.  I'm a graphic designer and  pulled this technique out of my bag of tricks. For the larger Zendalas I use a heavyweight Velum bristol that works well with this tracing method. This also works on a regular computer monitor but doing the tracing on a 90 degree angle is a little more challenging.

Challenge #86 - Break Free!

This weeks Diva's challenge #89 asks us is to break free of our tile border! To create a tile or ZIA where SOME element of your work goes beyond the border and stretches or expands out. This direction is not out of my comfort range at all. I often go off the grid with my work.

I used Hollibaugh, Tipple, Beadz, Tripoli which morphed into a viney flower with some decorative leaf patterns. 


Challenge #85: UMT Margaret Bremmer's Copada

Copada, Zedbra, Dansh, Flying Geese, Tipple,
Spikey Wire, Shard, Crescent Moon, some screws
(a touch of steam punk, of course)
This week's Diva challenge is week #86 and it's a Use My Tangle, first of the month challenge. Margaret Bremmer, CZT's tangle is Copada; a great tangle to let the variations fly. A great way to celebrate Laura's 8th anniversary, Congrats to her, hubby B-Rad and her wonderful kids.

I really enjoy Margaret's style and her process. This week I use some of her other tangles, Zedbra, Dansk, I  also used Crescent Moon, Shard, Flying Geese, and Spiky Wire. My version of Copada incorporates screws (of course!) and daisies giving it the feel of Deelish (by Stephanie Kelton), and some Tipple. I think elements of steam punk are the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful flow of most tangles. Just like in life beauty and the creative process incorporates many different forms and shapes. It all works together. Love it.

I chose to "enhance" my string this week and leave it as white/negative space. Give each tangle lots of breathing space.

I love reading your feedback and comments!