Challenge #133 - Tipple, I LOVE It!

It's so nice to be back into the Diva's challenge and using one of my favorite tangles, Tipple. I have definitely have a love relationship with this wonderful little orb full of goodness and curves. It makes me feel happy and centered like I'm getting back into the flow.

I began with a simple string and, of course, Tipple, added some Printemps, Auras, Betweed, Hollibaugh, and swirls. I relaxed, smiled, and breathed. Lovely, soothing, mind-relaxing tangling.

Last night it became dark early and the upcoming change of season loomed in the horizon. I decided to add a little green to my tile to enhance and encourage the lengthening of Summer and stave off the impending winter gloom. Water, flow and green things were my focus.

So Happy to be back in the nurturing fold of the Zentangle community and the Diva's challenge! Sitting here with my pens and pencils, ahhh....

Dex with Tipple, Hollibaugh, and line work

Trying to do a little catch-up and get back in the Groooove. Combined Tipple with a little Dex for Challenge #131, it's not a monotangle but a great opportunity to play with Dex. I don't usually use structured tangles, much more of an organic gal, so this was a great opportunity.

Tipple is so versatile, makes a great background fill/texture, especially when I keep it light and sketchy.

Two very different feels. In the first tile Tipple is the "star", the second, it works as a great supporting player. What a great little tangle!