Challenge #183 - UMT, X-Did" by Annette Carlo

X-Ing tangleations on ribbons of  Hollibaugh
This is the first Monday of the month and it's a Use My Tangle challenge. Annette Carlo has the featured tangle this month with "X-Did". It's a geometric pattern, which are not my favorite, but adding some geometric lines worked for me. I found it fascinating to play with this tangle and see where the tangleations would take me. It was much more enjoyable than I expected.

To see the step-outs for "X-did" by Annette Carlo, click here.

I tried to work with the basic structure of the tangle and  then stretch and bend the envelop a bit. Fun to look at and explore what those lovely little triangle shapes and overlapping lines can turn into.
V2 - X-Ing tangelation with some Beadz, floral
Purk pearls, Crescent moon loops and leaves
The first version seemed to work using lot's of overlapping ribbons of Hollibaugh, adding texture to the overlapping lines with X-Ding, some shading contrast and touches of Auraknot seemed to work well in the structure of this tile.

My second version I tried exploring the structure and it reminded me of a stained glass window, added some thickening and rounding in the style of Betweed, some floral accents, Black Beadz, Crescent loops, Purk Pearls, and organic leaf shapes. I tried to concentrate on the interaction of each tangle with the next to form a cohesive structure. It feels like a bejeweled crown with an art deco quality. Adding a few curves puts an interesting twist to this tangle.

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V3 - X-Ing line play