Challenge #176 and 177 - BYOB by Amy Broady, CZT and Truffle by Caroline Broady, CZT

Coffee, Cherry juice, Truffle, Trivoli, and some Mooka fronds
I combined two Diva challenges in one this week. Since Laura has been away traveling guest hosts have taken on these two challenge weeks, what fun! The two guest hosts are mother and daughter what a perfect time to combine two challenges. Week 176 is hosted by (mom) Amy Broady , CZT from Tennesee. Amy asks us to (BYOB) Bring Our Own Beverages. I chose coffee (with soy milk) my morning life's blood, and some cherry juice from the beautiful cherries a friend brought me from Traverse City. Cherries stain my fingers so why not my tile, spread that lovely burgundy color around.

For challenge 177 guest host (daughter) Caroline Brody, CZT 11 features her tangle pattern truffle which she developed at her CZT training seminar in June 2013, it was inspired by some wallpaper at the Hotel Providence. It's so fun to see the original wallpaper inspiration for this tangle seeing others process is such a gift. This is a lovely little tangle just ripe for tangleations.

I "applied" by coffee stain using an old paint brush and then took the still wet cherry pit and used it to apply cherry juice. That created my basic background and string guide. Once I allowed my tile to dry I picked up my trusty micron and tangled away. I then used more coffee and cherry juice to enhance my tangles, added some white gel pen, and shading. Very fun, I will definitely will try this again and apply more black contrast to my next attempt. I'm happy with this organic decorative solution but I'll go further next time.

Challenge #175 - UMT - Crux by Henrike Bratz

Crux with Tipple and Lot's of Shading
This week's Diva Challenge #174 is a Use My Tangle (UMT) week. Henrike Bratz pattern Crux was chosen by random selection. It's been a while since I've jumped in and played, so this was such fun. Crux is great because it can be taken as a very structured geometric tangle or, as I chose to go, organic and curvy. I kept is simple (monotangle) and really enjoyed the experience. Very fun.

It is also wonderful to read about Laura's experience at CZT 15 training in Providence, RI. It brings me back to my wonderful, life changing CZT 6 training at Oakhurst in Whitinsville. Met so many great people and the experience Filled my creative cup. If you have the opportunity to attend, DO, it's the BEST creative experience you can have. Wonderful people, creative juices flowing, an all-around positive experience. I love being a CZT.

212 Basics Class Tiles
I had a Basics Class this week at the 212 Arts Center in Saline. There were seven in attendance and we had a blast.We even played with Sakura Metallic Gel pens and black paper.  Hopefully all of them are part of the tribe we call the "Zentangle Zealots".  Here are their first tiles. What fun, Great job guys!

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