Challenge #281 - Tangle ING

ING with Knightsbridge, Zenplosion Folds, Hollibaugh and Fracus
The Diva's challenge this week revisits the tangle ING. This is an official Zentangle pattern that was introduced by Molly Hollybaugh during CZT training 15. This tangle lends itself to lot's of variations, it works well as a straight laced,  structured tangle, but also works as a loosey goosey (my fave), organic tangle.

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Here's a link to my 2014 challenge piece using ING.

Challenge #280 - Rio Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics - Hollibaugh, Mooka, Cubine
Knightsbridge, Floatfest, Printemps, MI2, Tipple,
Crescent Moon, Zinger, Baubles and beads
This week the Diva asked us to use the 2016 Olympics in Rio as our inspiration. I have been watching the Olympics and enjoy a reprieve from all the bad news and crazy politics the US is experiencing.

I chose to focus on the Rio logo as my string and Knightsbridge, checker board pattern throughout to represent the duality of the Olympics. I tried to express the celebratory feel of the Olympics. I added touches of Gold, Silver, and Bronze metallic, of course!

Challenge #279 - Duotangle (almost) with Meer vs Auraknot

The Diva's Challenge this week asked us to do a Duotangle using Meer and Auraknot. Two old favorites that were fun to go revisit. I especially enjoyed checking out the Youtube Auraknot video with Rick and Maria. I tried to push the envelope a bit with my "star" shape, curves add a pleasant addition to Auraknot. Thanks Rick, Maria, and of course the lovely Diva!