Challenge #56 - Opposite hand challenge (aka Non Dominatrix* v.2)

The Diva's challenge this week brings back the good ol' opposite hand challenge (AKA Non Dominatrix). Boy, does my left hand have a mind of it's own... Never wanting to stop at the line (making Paradox a challenge), circles are a little curvier than usual, my hand going on it's own little journey at times. I kept my lines wobbly (I like wobbly), bit my tongue a bit, held my breath when I tried making circles but tried to go with the flow.

I noticed I had to move the position of my lamp since my left hand was throwing weird shadows on my paper. I also found it easier to do the black fill in when I put my hand in the position I see my left handed friends use when they are writing. Now it all makes sense!

I use my old stand byes: Paradox, Flukes, Roller Coaster, Print Temps, some Tipple and Beads. Whew, filling in the dark and shading were Verrrrry challenging. But it will make my normal tangling process feel like a breeze!

I did it, by jove! It's all about exploration and stretching our boundaries, right?

Challenge #55 - String Theory VIII: Moebius Trip

The Diva's challenge for this week asks us to use the logo for Moebius Syndrome as the string for the challenge. Moebius Syndrome Awareness day is January 24th and the perfect challenge for this week.

As a child, adults were always saying things like "Just thank your lucky stars that you have your health". It didn't seem like that big a deal as a child, but as I get older and older I realize how lucky I have been in my life. Health and wellness is everything. I thank Laura for opening up her life and sharing Artoo's struggles with us. We can support and be more aware.

I chose to free-form the logo and the negative spaces just seem to ask for Paradox, with Printemps and Shattuck as support tangles. Lot's of lines and shading and Viola!

Here's to you Artoo!

Challenge #53 - Udine

Catching up on my challenges, this is my tile working on some alphabets with Laura Harm's tangle Udine. A quick study with some little dancing charms.

My second version is  a combination of Udine with Purple I added some Floatfest, Printemps and Sez.

Adding a little color with highlighter,
colored pencil, and white gel pen

Weekly Challenge #54 - Purple Haze

The Diva's challenge asks us to use purple in our tangling process this week. I do love the color purple and since it is the color that represents Artoo's disease, this one is for you Artoo!

Also, congrats are in order for the Diva. She is up for nominated as one of the most fascinating blogs in 2011 in the teaching blog category and I'm definitely putting in my 2 cents on the voting! Her site has been a wonderful resource that has really helped keep my creative juices flowing. It has also allowed me to view and be inspired by the wonderful works created by other Zentangle enthusiasts around the world. You go Laura!

I began with just purple but some other tones worked themselves into my ZIA. I was using Sandy Bartholemews Yoga for the Brain as inspiration to spur my creative endeavors on the first. Hollibaugh, Cootie, Etcher, and Screen.

I'm not usually a grid/structure gal when it comes to my tangling. The more organic, fluid shapes resonate for me. So these two were my attempt to (1) add a little color, and (2) work on my grid/structured tangles.

They are grid is still very unstructured and loose but it's my attempt, and I'm pleased with the results.

My second version was "enhanced" with Photoshop to add a touch of purple here and there! Ballenchain, Knightsbridge, Cadent, Screen, and some grid play.

Challenge #52 - Give it Away - Birthday Tangling

Khrynn's Birthday Tangle
 This is a belated Zentangle for my highschool friend Khrynn. We've known each other for all of our adult lives and this is to celebrate her big day. A little belated but that's the way we roll. We are so similiar that it's a little scary but comforting.

Here's to you Khrynn. This is from one fabulous broad to anotha'. Broad was one of my mom's favorite descriptors, meant only in the nicest way, of course! She was such a word smith.

I hadn't realized I had posted this and I want to thank my lovely sista, Nancy, a jewelry artist, for reading my blog and keeping me on my toes.

I was visiting my other sister Tracy and working on her new blog, check it out. She's a talended painter. We're just an artsy fartsy family!

Tracy's Birthday Tangle

I'm also including the ZIA I did for Tracy's birthday which I got to attend and help her celebrate. It was taken with an Iphone so it's a little blurry.