Challenge #40 - String Theory v.VI: Pinwheels for Peace

Version #1
Version #2
September 21 was the International Day of Peace and the Diva's challenge asks us to use a pinwheel as a string celebrating Peace. Better late than never.

I decided to go freeform and draw my own pinwheel. Version #1: organic, starfish pinwheel, at least that's what it looks like, but I like it anyway. Version #2: has a stained glass window effect.

They represent pinwheels but "represent" is the key word. Good challenge and good things to think about and focus on in this crazy world. Peace and love are wonderful thoughts and give me hope.

Weekly Challenge #39: "Love is all you Need"

The Divas challenge this week asks us to think about Love. With the 9/11 ten year anniversary this was very appropriate. It brings to mind the fact that none of us know how long we have so it's important to touch base with those you love and tell them you love them now. Who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Spent the weekend up north with my sister and brother in-law. It was a mini family reunion with my niece, her husband, and my brother in-law from Florida. My brother in-law doesn't get up to Michigan often so it was nice to visit, reminisce, and spend time with family.

Laughing together is a wonderful way to express love and this was a weekend filled with laughter and sharing in the lovely peaceful setting of the Au Sable River. Sitting on the deck, looking out at the river, while birds and lot's of furry little creatures did their thing!

Love with a little Printemps, Shattuck, Bulb Lantern, and Gingham. Simple, let the words do the talking.

Challenge #38 - Better Than a Pair of Ducks

Version 1 - Outline and shading
Version 2 - It's all about the lines, and..
going outside of the lines and adding some
 swirls and baubles
Version 3 - A little added texture
The Divas' challenge this week asks us to work on a Monotangle with Paradox, or "A Pair of Ducks" as the Diva says.

This was a request by Maria, this is a challenging tangle, one I only use only sparingly it does take much more concentration but once you get into the motion and start turning your tile it is very relaxing. I really enjoy using leaf shapes and squares for this pattern. It makes it more organic and lyrical? (love that word!)

Shading is a wonderful enhancement for this tangle. There's a lot of serendipity involved with this tangle, get into the motion and it's... oh that's what is formed? Kool!

Challenge #37 - Kiss My Grid

Version 1 - Lot's o' texture
Version 2 - Enjoying the grid

This week's Diva's challenge asks us to use all grid-based tangles in your our tile I did a string within a grid. I did two versions, one very organic, the other keeping within the grid. They aren't all grid based tangles but I did implement the grid and followed it closely.

This was surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not a grid gal, I like the free flowing curvy stuff but I was able to combine enough of my curve appeal into the grid format.