Challenge #111 - More-Mooka-Madness Monotangle-Mania

 Mooka is the focus of this weeks Diva Challenge #111. We're asked to do a Mooka monotangle and see what we can come up with for tangelations and explore the possibilities of this lovely tangle. Mooka is one of my very favorites, I love the flow and the concentration it takes to do this tangle correctly. It is beautiful and Mookalishish!

I chose to make my first version blump and luscious with Auras and a variety of textures behind each plump little beauty. I found a fun fern background to place behind my ZIA scan.

I then chose to do a large single Mooka with lots of lovely swirls and tendrils. I created this Mooka with one continuous line which created a single Mooka tangle shape. I then shaded the heck out of it. This process makes working with the flows and undulations of Mooka so enjoyable, you really have to remain present. This reminds me of a lovely swirling pin. Fun, fun, fun!

I also included a white recycled tile I created this Christmas. I did quite a few this December and meant to show some of them on the blog. So this is the perfect week to show this tile. I didn't use any grey so it was an exercise in using my line work and stippling to create shading. It sits it on a metal frame stand displayed it in my living room  It isn't a monotangle but I love the way Mooka turned out on this piece.

When Rick and Maria came out with their first video showing Maria creating this beautiful tangle I went a little CRAZY, I mooka for two weeks straight I just couldn't stop drawing this fabulous tangle. So for me it's one of my faves and always a go to to add a touch of elegance to any of my work!

This Mooka ZIA was created using one
continuous line
This is a 6" recycled tile I did this Christmas:
With Mooka, Diva Dance, Tipple, and Nipa
Beadz, Msst, and some stuff

Challenge #110 - Get rid of the box - Tin Can Art

Top version done with Staedtler
black permanent pens and
grey marker for shading.
Bottom version adding color and
wire for my Float Fest effect.
The Diva's Challenge this week asks us to think "Out of the Box" and work out of our comfort zone. When I was at CZT training #6 we got to visit Rick and Maria's beautiful old Victorian home in Whitinsville, MA. There was wonderful artwork everywhere. Maria took a crack in the plaster and turned that imperfection into a beautiful "jewel", a touch of her tangling, and it's magically transformed! Check out her blog feature Fabulous tangled solution to a problem in her studio, it's Amazing (of course!). So, the Diva challenge for week #110 asks us to jump, take the leap, and try something new on our tangling adventure!

I've been very interested in tangling on different surfaces, I'm especially interested in tangling on cloth and have created some lovely hangings I use in my classes. I've also have gotten into tangling on recycled tiles, which I love. So what now?

I was making some chicken soup this week and chose to use the top and bottoms of the can my diced tomatoes were contained in. The inside of the can is coated white, so it is the perfect surface for my tangling. I tried using the my micron pens, but the surface was too slick and the microns beaded up. So I reached for a Staedtler permanent marker pen; black for the first version and color added to the second. I used a light grey marker for the shading and the result was pleasing. The surface is a little slick and challenging to work with, but perseverance and patience won out over the can! I sanded the sharp edges and cut my finger in the process, oh the pains we suffer for our art!

Version one contains tangles based on grids (out of my comfort zone, I'm a free flowing tangler). Took a deep breath and jumped in with Bales, Cubine, Knightsbridge, and then added Betweed, Golven, and Shattuck. So I kept to the grid tangles for almost half!

My second version features my ornate letter "S" for Spring (hope, hope, hope). I added Daisies, Swirls, some Betweed, BTL Jooz, Perfs and Auras and color. I then punched holes around the edge using my trusty hammer and nails, wove in some wire to create my Float Fest strings and my ode to "S" (Spring) is complete. I punched hanging holes on each so they can be hung and displayed. The purple is a little much, but I wanted the lids to stand out.

A View of the Can's Lid from the Back Side,
Pretty huh?

Challenge #109 - Zentangle Quest

Dansk, Printemps, Flying Geese, and a background
of Hibred in sepia tones
Zinger/Lupine, Tripoli, Mooka,
Crescent Moon, Pearlz, Zander
This week's Diva Challenge for week #109, is taken from Maria Thomas'  Zentangle blog post. She presents a  new technique which she describes and illustrates beautifully. The technique uses random parallel lines as a string; the lines indicate inner and outer folds or curves, then add banding and tangle away! It creates a fun 3-D effect, check out all the fabulous offerings on the Diva's site.

For version 1 - I fashioned alternating cone shapes embedded in a Hibrid background. I "wiggled" and broke up the lines a bit to soften the Hibrid background. I used Printemps, Flying Geese, Dansk and some ribbons fastened with little buttons to set the stage. I continued the cone's draft "lines" beyond the perimeter, it gives it a neat which I like! I used brown/sepia and black micron pen, I used graphite and a sepia pencils for shading.

My second version is black and white with lot's of grey, I worked with black and white gel pen. It looks to me like Tripoli is spinning into the cosmos wheeee! I used a Zander parallel line to create my 3-D bands, Crescent Moon, then added Mooka, Zinger and some Pearlz.

Challenge #104 - UMT with tangle WHYZ

Version 1 - Hi-C, Dansk, Inapod, Printemps,
Rain, WHYZ, and Zedbra

Version 2 - WHYZ, Quabog, Voga, Buttons and thread
with some Mooka curves
The Diva's challenge this week is a UMT challenge and features Janee MacKugler, CZT's tangle WHYZ.  Check out her blog instructions. I was so excited to see her featured on this week's Diva challenge. She was one of my fellow classmates at the CZT #6 training in May of 2010. I had corresponded with and "met" her online via the Diva's challenge before I went to the training in Whitinsville, it was so great to meet her in person. We all bonded and had such a wonderful time with Rick and Maria at the last training held in Oakhurst in Whitinsville. We laughed and shared such wonderful creative energy at that training. It was a once in a lifetime experience!

I found WHYZ a little challenging. I'm not very good with structured tangles but this one lends itself beautifully to tangelations. I just let it flow and kept reminding myself that there are no mistakes in the Zentangle process, and let the process guide me. 

My first version of WHYZ I kept all my "twists" going in the same direction and tried to "pop" the triangles with black and highlights. A little dark but I like the overall effect. I used Hi-C, Rainz, Inapod, Printemps, Tipple, WHYZ, and Zedbra. I enjoy the openess and the ruffle edging created by Inapod.

On my second version I concentrated on Janee's triangles and using the "Y's" to create diamond patterns. I love this concept and it was fun to see what happened. WHYZ is such a structured elegant pattern so I tried to offset it with the more organic tangles and make it all flow together. Not totally successful, but it was a fun exercise. I used buttons, thread, Voga, some Mookaisms, Quabog, and some Zingers. I hope Janee doesn't mind my divergences on her pattern. It was so much fun to play with!