Challenge #145 - New Official Tangle: Quib

For each CZT training Rick and Maria come up with a new tangle. The tangle for CZT Training CZT Seminar XII is called Quib a great versatile organic little beauty. View the the step outs for the new tangle in the latest Zentangle newsletter and the fabulous examples tiles creating using this new tangle!

This is such a fun tangle and I chose to create some little bejeweled crown fasteners, baubles, and add some wonky wire with danglies and beads. I added a little purple and blue which seamed to go perfectly with the majestic caps. I used my Sakura micron, black and purple, and my Derwent Inktense pencils for the color wash and blends.

I modified my tile after seeing it on line; adding the dark starry night background behind the main Quib, I also intensified the shading. It seemed a little floaty without that added touch.

Thanks Laura for another great challenge. Check out the other wonderful entries for this week.

Version Two - In the round (sort of)
Looping Quib with Mooka

Original tile with lighter background

Challenge #144 - A Bug's Life

Pea pods, lily pads, Tipple, and Dragonflies
lot's of Auras and embellishments
This weeks Diva Challenge #144: A Bug's Life asks us to use color iand add a bug to the tile. How fun! Laura debutes the video created by Sakura with Samantha Taylor, CZT on her web site, check it out. Great video and lot's of inspirational solutions.

I chose to feature my bug (dragonfly) and embellish it with Sakura metallic gold and white gel pens. My color was added with Derwent Inktense pencils and of course my trusty Sakura micron pens. This was so much fun to create and add lot's of embellishments is my thing. Woo-hoo!

I've been playing around with pea pods; a tangleation of Carol Ohl's Inapod. Love the shape and the wonderful little orbs created by each pod. I have my dragon fly floating above water with lot's of lily pads and ripples. The combination of these elements may only work in my head, but that's okay!

I ran across some amazing Amazon river lily pads online. I couldn't duse them as my reference, but they are amazing. Check out this youtube video. I want some of THOSE lily pads in my garden!
Frank's Banana Spider with Betweed, Shattuck,
Sanibelle, Purk beads, and Bales

I took this opportunity to create a tile for my brother-in-law. He and my sister live in Florida and he has a fondness for the Banana spiders that live in his barn. He was sharing how beautiful they were, he likes to scratch their little backs as they sit on their webs. This one's for you Frankie!

Challenge #143 - UMT - Cruze by Caren Mlot

This weeks Diva challenge is #143, it's a first Monday of the month Use My Tangle challenge. Cruze by CZT Caren Mlot was chosen, check out her tangle. It's easy to recreate and has a great rhythm. There are many possibilities and variations which makes it a fun tangle. My version definitely isn't perfect... but that's the Zentangle way, right? Just doing it one stroke at a time. I will play with this tangle in the future.

My solution is light and airy solution with just a touch of color. I used a purple micron and the color definitely doesn't pop.

I used Cruze, Printemp swirls, Crescent tangleations, Flux, Betweed, Zinger with lots of Beadz, Auras, and shading.

Zendala Dare #79 - A Zendala Thanks to Rick and Maria

Thanks to Rick and Maria
Mooka, Purk embellishments, Paradox, Betweed,
and Swirls in Ibex fashion

High Contrast Zendala
Flying Geese, Tipple, Umble, Pressed Wood,
and BTL Jooz, and Printemps
So this weeks challenge is to create a Zendala using the template #79 as a tribute to Rick and Maria to say thanks for their contribution.  I chose to use official tangles and mimic Maria's style. Her work is so inspirational and it's fun to really examine some of her wonderful tiles on the site. She and Rick have enhanced my life and certainly instilled or should I say relit the creative flame that can be dampened so easily once life and work gets in the way.

Meeting them and getting into the Zentangle process has enriched my life beyond measure. I can't thank them enough. I was able to attend the last CZT seminar in Whittinsville, MA because my sister's and my niece made that my gift in 2010. It was one of the best gifts and the most wonderful experience I've ever had!

I used Paradox, Betweed, Mooka, Purk embellishments, and swirls in the Ibex Maria fashion. I painted on black ink and them embellished the edges with Sakura white jelly roll. I love it. It turned out just the way I hoped and I had a blast doing it. Thanks to Maria, Rick, Erin, and of course Zentangle.

I did the second Zendala this weekend after seeing CZT, Sue Clark's tribute to the new Book of Zentangle cover for the Diva challenge. Her tile was inspired by Maria's fantastic cover design on the recently released Zentangle book. She did a fabulous job and made me want to try Umble again. I went for high contrast, and while my Umble beats to it's own drum (I tried) but the results pleased me. I feel more comfortable with this tangle, I will keep working on it. I really enjoy the sumptous little pods in the center. Fun to do!

I created the Zendala template using a plate and ruler to divide and create the pie shaped string design. It was a great exercise for my upcoming Zendala class this week!

Check out the other submissions for this challenge at The Bright Owl.

Challenge #142 - Outside my comfort zone

Grid-based sort of tangles Zendala (sort of)
Reverse white on black with white gel pen,
and soapstone for shading

Grid-based tangles Zendala - not perfect!
Reverse white on black with white gel pen, metallic gel pens,
and soapstone for shading
The Diva's challenge for week #142 asks us to step out of our comfort zone, stick our toe in the water or do a full jump free-fall. My comfort zone is organic swirly, curvy, non-grid based tangles. Black on white with grey shading is my preference so this week I pushed all the above. Check out all the great solutions for this week's challenge.

I first loosened up my white gel pen on black paper with a free-form Zendala (style) tile, it's wonky and has a few grid-based tangles but then I also incorporated free form fall tangles. I used the new Zentangle soap stone for shading - Love it! If you haven't tried it you should! It's so neat to work with this beautiful stone tool.

Next I drew a circle (using my trusty sip cup) and then divided it up to create sections. I used all grid-based tangles in this Zendala design, they morphed a bit but the end result was pleasing. I also pulled out some fun color Sakura Gel pens to enhance my work. The white was a little overpowering and the metallic elements of color helped break it up. This was a totally different tangling process. I needed to concentrate, take my time and really address each aspect of the grid tangle process. Uncomfortable and unfamiliar but still a great process. I so love the beauty and precision of some grid-based tangles. That's not my typical methodology so I just tried to remember there are no mistakes in Zentangle.

I can't even name the tangles I used fairly because they morphed into other things. I used Dragonair as a ruffle, C-Bun (sort of), Ciceron, Archer (tangelation).

My final version was totally free form using Zenplosion Folds and Flukes. Some of my faves (especially since Zenplosion Folds is mine). It fell free and easy and brought me back to the flow I love in my tangling process. Putting this into reverse was out of my comfort zone. White gel pen, touches of gel metallic gold for accents, and shading with soapstone and the white chalk pencil.

I need to work on this process much more to feel comfortable but that's the name of the game, right? Thanks for another chance to stretch my creative muscles Diva.

I found these images difficult to scan. I couldn't get the essence of the shading and the metallic without lighting my images quite a bit. This made the black paper a little more grey. Ahhh, another learning experience to continue...

Free form - Zenplosion Folds and Flux
Reverse white on black with white gel pen, gold metallic gel pen,
soapstone, and white pencil

Challenge #141 - Duotangle - Fengle & Quandry

Duotangle; Fengle & Quandry
A little line work, pointillism and it's done!

Weekly Challenge #139 and 140 - UMT 8's and Pointillism with a Tangle Viewer

Pointellism with Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh.
Zinger, Flux, and some leaves
Challenge #140 - Pointellism:  I often use dots and lines for shading on my tiles so I thought this Challenge would be no big deal. Making the entire tile with dots really makes me think in a whole new way, the way to get from point A to point B is... many dots. I used a variety of size pens which helps give a little depth and graduation in greys, What a lot of dots to create this tile and boy were my hands screaming.

It's always fun to look at techniques and challenge ourselves as creative individuals. I used Crescent Moon, that reached out into Hollibaugh, added some Flux, Zingers and Leaves. I found that doubling up on my dotted lines gave the feel of shadows. This was a great exercise, thanks for a another fun challenge Diva.

Tangle Viewers:
I created some Tangle Viewers using the paint chip samplers I got at Lowes. They have an interesting finish and smooth coating that takes the micron pen strokes beautifully, because of the coating the pen strokes will smear if not affixed with  workable spray fixative. Once sprayed, its stable and no movement or smearing of micron lines!

The "Tangle Viewer" is a great way to focus in on details in my tile. The little window is a very effective tool to zero in on small details and areas in a tile. The Zentangle process talks about looking at the big picture and viewing your tile from all directions, no ups or downs but being able to isolate sections to study details is a good thing. I'm going to use these in my classes to give students a closer look at section details.

Tangle Viewers, one black and white,
one color with little leaves berries and little"windows"
I'm also including my Challenge #139 tiles from last weeks' UMT challenge of 8s Parte Dos" by Jane Eileen. I completed these last week but never got around to posting them.

This was not a tangle I would have attempted without this challenge to spurn me on. This tangle was hard to get into, finding the rhythm and flow of this tangle was difficult for me. There was more thought and concentration than I look for in a tangle. But once I tried it a few times it did grow on me.

The way I found the rythm and flow was by looking for the shapes rather than trying to figure out the diagonal line portion. It's much easier for me to see shapes.

My first version went a little wonky but I combined it with some fun tangles and it seemed to flow well. Allium, Betweed, and Mooka added and the final was pleasing.

I felt more comfortable with 8s on my second version, there was the ease and flow I look for when working the Zentangle process. Once I got through my initial frustation I was able to really look at the tangle and find it's flow.

Version on - 8's gone a little wonky, added Betweed,
Mooka, Allium, and Shattuck

Version two - 8's in the rythm, added some Knightsbridge,
Mooka, Tipple, Fescue and black!

Challenge #138 - Fun with Borders

Spikey Wire, Chains, and Baubles

Twigs, Leaves, and Embellishments
 Diva's challenge for week #138 is titled Fun with Borders and is sponsored our Zentangle founder's Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Their Zentangle Blog post this week focused on finding inspiration in everything around us and borders.Check out their blog post.

I found my inspiration in wire and metal on the first tile. I love old, rusty barbed wire. Not the new shiny stuff, but the bent-up wonky wire you can find in old farm fields, craggy and weathered from years of exposure to the elements. I also love wire, twisted, hammered, shaped into lovely jewels. My sister Nancy is a wire jeweler and has exposed me to many fun techniques and beautiful wire creations. She has a studio and we have spent many an hour hammering and shaping wire.

That's my inspiration, my bauble is fashioned after one of my sister's wonky metal wrapped beads that I find particularly inspirational. That and some of the chains she has shared with me.

I've been working on deconstructing Spikey Wire and realized some of my studies had the look and feel of grapevines. I also love twigs, grapevines, and leaves - yet another inspiration!

On my first tile I added some color with my wonderful Derwent Inktense pencils. I like the juxtaposition of the hard wire against the soft hues of the pencils. Hard and soft, they play beautifully together!

The second tile is twigalicious with luscious little plump leaves sprouting throughout. I embellished it with a curvy twisted ornamental decorative string.
Spikey Wire Process Studies and Variations

Catch Up on New Zentangle Well Challenge #135

  Well, Flux, Gum Dropz, Beadz, and some Dangles 
Rick and Marie have come up with another wonderful tangle with so many options and possible variations/tangleations. I found it challenging, but once I got the hang of it, got into the rhthym, and went with it. I look forward to exploring this tangle in the future. I had played with this a couple of weeks ago but never got it scanned in and uploaded.

Challenge #137 - Knights Over Tipple

Tipple and Knightsbridge with a little
ribbon "sewn" through
This week's Diva Challenge for week #137 is to do a Duotangle (phrased coined by the Diva) using Tipple and Knightsbridge, two of my go-to tangles... so eazy peezy? A little more challenging than I expected. I chose to go big and bold, another go-to for me, and work on the line quality and shading. I think I like the result, it's got lot's of movement and the shading was a blast. I really enjoy the contrast of hard and soft using these 2 tangles.

Notice how neat my sewing is? I sew with my pen, much safer than a needle and thread!

To check out other work go to the Diva's site. It's always great to see all the wonderful variety and creativity for each week's challenge . Thanks Diva, another fun one!

Tried another version of this week's challenge with a few variations on the theme of Tipple and Knightbridge. Kept the line quality a little more consistent to see what happened. Use a zig-zag string for a different feel. A web is just the structure of KB without the checkerboard, right? After all, Halloween is just around the corner...

Version Two
Variations on a theme...

Challenge #134 - "Use My Tangle" is Beamz by Traci F

Version one - lot's of curves, Crescent Moon,
Printemps, Mooka tendrils, orbs, and stuff

Version two - Beamz and Mooka,
with a little Float Fest and Tipple floating through

This weeks Diva Challenge #134 is a UMT challenge featuring Traci F's tangle Beamz. This tangle seemed a little out of my comfort zone with it's straight lines, but once I really got into it, it lent itself beautifully to the organic, curvy lines that I gravitate towards. By ignoring the straight lines and getting into the string creation it was actually fun to play with!

I took this tangle and then ran with the curves, and window effects I saw emerging. Windows are such a great device, we see into them and through them. The premise of creating many windows/squares with one line is really drew me in. It's like eating potato chips... you can't draw just one. I paired this tangle with a weak attempt of the new Zentangle tangle Well in the first tile, added some Crescent Moon, Tipple, Auras, shading and curves and I like the completed tile.

In my second version I paired Beamz with Mooka. I love how the Mooka tendrils curve and undulate through Beamz, lot's of line work and shading and the final ZIA was a blast to create!

Check out the other postings for this challenge. It's so much fun to see how differently everyone interprets this tangle, lot's of possibilities.

Challenge #133 - Tipple, I LOVE It!

It's so nice to be back into the Diva's challenge and using one of my favorite tangles, Tipple. I have definitely have a love relationship with this wonderful little orb full of goodness and curves. It makes me feel happy and centered like I'm getting back into the flow.

I began with a simple string and, of course, Tipple, added some Printemps, Auras, Betweed, Hollibaugh, and swirls. I relaxed, smiled, and breathed. Lovely, soothing, mind-relaxing tangling.

Last night it became dark early and the upcoming change of season loomed in the horizon. I decided to add a little green to my tile to enhance and encourage the lengthening of Summer and stave off the impending winter gloom. Water, flow and green things were my focus.

So Happy to be back in the nurturing fold of the Zentangle community and the Diva's challenge! Sitting here with my pens and pencils, ahhh....

Dex with Tipple, Hollibaugh, and line work

Trying to do a little catch-up and get back in the Groooove. Combined Tipple with a little Dex for Challenge #131, it's not a monotangle but a great opportunity to play with Dex. I don't usually use structured tangles, much more of an organic gal, so this was a great opportunity.

Tipple is so versatile, makes a great background fill/texture, especially when I keep it light and sketchy.

Two very different feels. In the first tile Tipple is the "star", the second, it works as a great supporting player. What a great little tangle!

Diva Challenge #125 - UMT Birdie Feet

I had completed my challenge piece on Saturday but never got it  posted, so better late than never.

This week's Diva Challengen#125, is the UMT (Use My Tangle) featuring the tangle pattern Birdie Feet created by Owl Loving April. I love the way this tangle leads the viewers eye through my Zentangle.

It's a very simple tangle pattern with lot's of possibilities. Check out all the wonderful variations of this pattern on the Diva's site.

I chose to keep it very simple and used a curved string with lot's of shading and contrast for balance in my other tangles; Quib, Striping, some Beadz, auras and white on black for a pop!

Challenge #122 - Grid (un)Locked

My Grid (un)locked hope all
the little tangles play well

Laura bases her Diva challenge for week #122 on Rick and Maria's Zentangle Newsletter posting that focuses on using the grid in a new exciting way! Check out their post This takes the elements of the Zentangle process to the basic element of one square.

I really enjoyed the process and tried to focus on each square and how it played off the corresponding square. It was a great way to focus on "honoring the tangle". I always try to connect my tangles and play off whatever line, element, thingy is the connecting point and interacts with it's fellow tangle. I think it brings a wonderful cohesion to the final piece. Just like a pebble leaves a ripple in the water that continues but changes as it reacts with elements in it's path. There is still that connection but it changes.

For me, it's the ultimate in the Zen experience. It helps with concentration, interaction, and being aware of all the elements on the page.  It's how tangles talk to each other, the conversation continues, and changes, but when they all follow the basic thread creating a harmonious song!

My grid became a small wallhanging with baubles and beads, very fun. I hope this ZIA sings or at least hums!

Thanks Rick and Maria and Laura for a great challenge. Check out all the wonderful creations for this challenge on the Diva's site.

I did a second version continuing my exploration on the Index-card-a-day study. Tried some Tripoli, B4, C5, D1,  Mooka, and contrast, connection studies.

Green index card
Version two
Final version one with my grid studies
What a fun process!

Challenge #121 - Use My Tangle 17 - Birds on a Wire and Bales

Bird on a Wire, Orbs, Knightsbridge, Float Fest, and Pearlz
The Diva's UMT Challenge #121 uses the new Bird on a Wire tangle created by Mary Kissel, CZT. Its a cute little tangle and I found the spiral version the most fun to do.

I used a small yellow index card for this challenge. I ran across the index-card-a-day challenge so I thought I'd try combining the two. The cards have a surprisingly nice surface and accepts the micron pen well.

I also added my index card version of last weeks Challenge #120 Bales. Crazy week so just doing a little catch up.  Used a purple index card for Bales.

Bales variations with Florz, leaves, auras, and stuff...


Challenge #119 - Ebony and Ivory

Center (black Kooty Catcher) attached,
Center (black Kooty Catcher) attached, partially opened -
you can peek on the inside
Center (black Kooty Catcher), attached to top.
fully opened, lying flat

The Diva's challenge this week #119 asked us to deal with Black (Ebony) and White (Ivory) and tried to have equal amounts of both in our tile. Laura suggested using high contrast tangles like Knightbridge, Alium, etc. Those which have strong contrast between light and dark. Thats one way to do it. I chose to emulate Maria Thomas' current Zentangle block post using black and white tiles. Check it out, it's phenomenal!

I folded a black card stock square in the old "Kooty Catcher" fashion for the center, laid it on my white tile and outlined it loosely. I am okay with the fact that it's not perfectly aligned on the white tile, my "process" can be seen.

I then tangled my white tile leaving the outline center square blank. I used Paradox for the corners and then a curvey, undulating Muchin tangleation, and a little Tipple for texture.

I then worked on the black: layed it on my white tile fully opened and flat, and kept lifting the corners to reference the tangles underneath. After the center (inside) of the black was complete, or at least outlined with the white gel pen, I closed my catcher and completed the closed version referencing and continuing the tangles from the white tile onto the black.

I didn't glue it down till it was complete so the reference is not perfect, it moved, but I really love the results and it was a learning process. I used a few pieces of double-sided tape to attach the Kooty Catcher to the center of the white tile.

Once I got everything basically drawn and lined up I went back in and added shading (graphite on the white tile) and white pencil on the black. It's not perfect but it was an exciting and totally Zen experience. I Loooove it! (if I do say so myself). I'm definitely going to do this again and try to align it perfectly. This was my first version so I have so many other versions to come, no?

I'm going to try and get some pictures with my camera to show the dimension. I scanned the first three views so the flatbed doesn't do the 3-D aspect any justice.

showing completed tiles separately; front and back of black tile

Scanned in tile with black catcher opened
I hope you can sort of see the inside and the 3-D effect

Challenge #118 - Use My Tangle Featuring Kuke and Zendala Dare #57

This week's Diva Challenge #118 is a UMT (Use My Tangle) features Kuke, created by Katy Abbot, CZT. She came up with this tangle after finding a shriveled cucumber slice on the kitchen floor after her daughter dropped it the night before, oh how our minds work! It's a nice curvy organic tangle, so we were instantly friends.

I took the opportunity to check out the Bright Owl's Zendala Dare #57 this week which is being hosted by Geneviève Crabe. She features one of her templates created using her Zendala stencils. Check it out, there is a give away this week!

So, I decided Genevieve's template as a string for this weeks challenge. I played loosey goosey with the Zendala template AND this new tangle, Kuke.

Wedding Celebration

Two dear friends got married yesterday,
it was a lovely celebration.
Here's to you Janet and Rusty!

Challenge #117 - The New Official Tangle Schway

Version 1 - Schway with Hollibaugh

The Diva's challenge for the first Monday of the month features Rick Roberts new tangle "Schway" which was released by Rick and Maria this week.

This is a very structured, symetrical tangle that doesn't come naturally to me, OG (Organic Gal) that I am. I used this tangle in last week's challenge, so I was feeling pretty comfortable using it. Even though my version is not measured and perfectly spaced it works, very fun, versatile tangle. I tried to make this tangle flow and go with the banner curves, it really helped give a 3-D quality to my tile.

It was fun to play with different tangleations and embellishments with this new tangle. Hollibaugh seemed like a good accompaniment for this tangle, they "play well" together!

Version 2 - Schway Landscape with Mooka, can you see the little folk?

I did a second version of Schway and the curve looks like a landscape, so added some Schway houses and blue sky, I think it's going to be a bookmark. Tangles: Schway tangleations, Mooka, Paradox, Tipple, BTL Jooz, and Beadz with little fun folk and Schway houses. Size 3.5 x 8.5" with black micron pen, Derwent Watercolor pencils, and graphite

Challenge #116 - Blind Sighted

#116 Knightsbridge, Mooka Leaves, Schway, Betweed, Tipple,
Aura Knot / Celtic Knot , Beadz, and Quabog
Laura Harms Diva challenge for this week, #116 is revisiting the blind string challenge. It, on the one hand, makes it easier since we have no control over the "string" creation, we just close our eyes and scribble, or let it flow. On the other hand it puts those of us who need to control in a tail spin. I'm a go with the flow gal on this, didn't really like the initial blind string outcome. When I close my eyes my string is verrrry small, so when I opened my eyes and saw how small it had come out I closed my eyes and added one more loop. Not cheating, right?

Fun challenge, I don't think I'll use this string again, but it was an enjoyable process. I let the string "guide me" not hold me hostage.

I used the new tangle Schway by Rick Roberts, my version is a tangelation, but it holds true to the basics of the tangle.

#116 - Blind string overlay
I then added Knightsbridge, Mooka Leaves (my tangelation), Betweed, Tipple, Aura Knot / Celtic Knot  (sort of - focus on the knot/snarl!),
Beadz, and Quabog.

I'm working on a new "chop" for my signature. I really love MT's new circular signature initials which inspired me to try something different.

A lot going on in this ZIA, but as always, I enjoyed the process. I am going to try to incorporate tangles that are new to me in my work. I love using my comfort tangles which Maria calls "mac 'n cheese" tangles (thanks Maria) but I also want to stretch myself, so I'm committing to getting out of my comfort zone.

I'm also showing my second version of last week's Earth / Amanda challenge. I tried to have it done by Saturday evening but life got in the way. The ZIA I posted last week used color and was more representational/illustrative, so I decided to go back and use my basic string for the Earth Day challenge and Zentangle Inspire / tangle it in black and white (Purist that I am)!
Earth/ Amanda Day - Challenge #115 Version 2 - Zentanglized (Black and White)
Munchin, Leaves, Florz, Hybrid, Beadz, Tipple, Auras,
Sea and Mountain (mine), Stars, and some waves

Challenge #115 - Amanda Day or Earth Day

Earth/Amanda Day Celebration!
Printemps, Waves, Auras galore
and lots of color
The Diva's challenge this week #115 is to interpret Mother Earth for Earth Day. Laura Harm's son Chewy named the Earth Amanda so that's what this challenge is being called. Great to have the kids point of view here! Lot's of wonderful variations for this challenge, check it out.

My interpretation of Earth/Amanda Day began with researching recycle, earth logos. I really enjoy the recycle arrows and the hands cupping the Earth globe. We are meant to protect the Earth for the future. That's what I went with.

I tried to represent Earth, Water (using a Japanese wave interpretation as a reference), and Sky with stars, of course. I thought it would be a peaceful, gentle representation but it is more active and effervescent than I first thought it would be. Hopefully it looks uplifting and supportive of the Earth.

I pulled out the Inktense pencils that I got a while ago, I've admired them, just haven't actually taken them out of the container. So color and wash were my focus. Fun, crazy, and colorful. It's more of a celebration of the Earth/ Amanda and all it's elements and sparkle.

Challenge #114 - "You with the Stars in your Eyes" - Stars Version 2

Third final scan version with shading and highlights...
It eeze complete!
The Diva's challenge this week revisits Stars. Laura said she was inspired this time by Rosemary Clooney's "Hey There You With the Stars in Your Eyes" video on Youtube.

I'm teaching a Beyond Basic's course on Thursday night, so this was the perfect opportunity to scan my work process and demonstrate the power of shading, contrast, and line work to enhance Zentangle inspired work. I scanned each phase: basic tangle outlines, added blacks for contrast, and then the final piece with shading, line work and highlights. I tend to bounce a round a bit when I'm working; I lay down my structure (string) then tangle part, shade a little, go to next, come back, turn, view, add more contrast, highlights, line work, this was a little different. I had to keep myself from going onto the next "phase", challenging, but interesting to have a different focus.

I chose to "enhance" the star string by using it as a separator for my sections, There is a lot going on and the white helps to give some breathing space so each tangle can speak.  I used Mooka as a background texture and then filled the inner spaces with Shattuck, Fengle, Web, Printemps, Betweed as the center "medallion, and a teeny, tiny Paradox. A few Auras and highlights, and it's done. Very fun, thanks Laura!

I did go back and look at my past challenge solutions for the first star challenge, #4, which was in January of 2011, check it out. My style has changed, which is a good thing. It's nice to know we're always growing, learning, and changing and  focus varies as the years pass. I had just begun tangling that previous summer, my how time flies!

First scan with just the basic string
and tangle outlines
Second scan with "blacks" added
for initial contrast

Challenge #113 - Hip to be Square - String Theory XXIV

A view of a spring evening,
Betweed, Mooka, leaves, windows, Fescu, a tree, a moon (Printemps)
Tipple, Quabog and color, color, color...

This week's Diva Challenge (week #113) is a String Theory #24, using a string based on a square within a square. I decided to do a frame within a frame. Check out all the wonderful submissions this week. 

I was also inspired by Maria Thomas' Zentangle blog post this week. View the many wonderful samples of her beautiful tangled frames and Rick's description of the importance of frames.

I'm not a square sort of gal when it comes to tangling, I don't particularly enjoy structured exercises but this was a blast.

My box within a box takes artistic license (surprise, surprise). My boxes are wobbly and curvaceous. I wanted to incorporate an organic view of the world, showing the blossoming of spring. So my boxes are frames, and windows. Fun, fun, fun!

I will definitely do another one or two this week but this was a wonderful start. I have a dental appointment tomorrow so that will be the perfect opportunity to tangle while I relax (???) and await my appointment. I used my Derwent Watercolor pencils without water. This wasn't watercolor paper so next I'll use an official tile.