Challenge #94 - Use My Tangle X - Socc

I've been out of the loop for the last month so it's nice to get back to the weekly challenges. It's the first Monday of the month and the Diva's challenge features a Use My Tangle X challenge. This month features Socc created by Erin Olson, CZT.

It's a great tangle and emulates Carol Ohl's Puff, but as is the Zentangle method, this comes out totally unique and beautiful! Erin has a great share about Socc and Zentangle. My version is a little "off" but I like the results. A lot going on, but I'm pleased with the results.

I saw a little Inapod in my version of Socc... so peapods away!, swirls (Ibex-like?), borders, Quabog, some Lampions, a hint of blue, and it is complete!