Challenge #28 - Trip to Tripoli

This was a very enjoyable challenge, I wasn't totally satisfied with the result, but the process was great. I got to experience Tripoli at CZT training #6 even before it had it's official name, Maria and Rick were demonstrating this new unamed pattern, and it was very exciting. It makes such a difference being able to watch someone creating a new pattern, stroke by stroke, and of course being able to see Maria creating it was AMAZING! Watching the flow, emerge while hearing Maria and Rick discuss it was wonderful. The tangles they come up with are amazing, very much like potato chips (oh yeah, I'm going there!) You can't tangle just one. It is addictive and gives that ahhhh, popped the bubble wrap, satisfying feeling when a rythm is developed and you can relax into process. Just tangle, smile, and breathe. Mooka was very much like that for me, and I'm sure Tripoli will be another guilty pleasure!

I enjoyed the process as I started with the precise (not really) rounded triangle and let my tangle morph into a more organic, rippled shape.  I think that lines that ripple have a wonderful rythm and energy. Just like in nature, nothing is exact, nature has it's own wonderful organic flow and rhythm. I enjoyed the journey, didn't focus on the outcome, and I let my intuition and pen lead me. Sounds very Zen, and isn't that the essence of the Zentangle experience?

Fresh from CZT training
I just ran across this tile that I did on the plane coming back from Whittinsville, MA. I was crunched into one of those comfy (NOT) coach seats (between two people!), just one of the sardines in the coach section of the plane. I was able to pull out my little clipboard, a micron pen, and some lovely watercolor paper and enjoy myself - the wonders of the Zentangle experience. This piece was done fresh from CZT training #6. I knew that Rick and Maria hadn't presented the pattern officially yet, so I didn't post it at the time.  I had tucked this in my journal. It does show the joy that I was feeling after experiencing such a wonderful weekend. There was so much creativity and I met many great new people. It was a magical experience and my exhuberance shows in this tile.
Another try

Birthday Zentangle

 My fellow CZT Jeanne and I got together to celebrate a friend's birthday. We used her initials as a string. She's having her birthday bash out in Washington and we're not able to attend but we're there in spirit!

I used some FloatFest, Tipple, Lupe, Poke Leaf, Quabog.  Jeanne used Meer, Betweed, Paradox, Squid, Striping, and her own pattern, Fractoid. Her shading is wonderful. We had a lovely afternoon tangling and celebrating JZ's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Janet!

Challenge #27 - Duo-tangle

Version 2 - Fuller Brush
Version 1
The Diva's challenge for week #27 is "Duo-tangle" she asks us to use two tangles only; Verdigogh and Dex. Mine is Dex spiralling out of control. Not totally satifsfied with this solution but I wanted to get something posted since it's going to be a busy week.  I hope I'll have time to do further work on this challenge. We actually reviewed Verdigogh with Maria at CZT training VI. Can it get any better???? So... Verdigogh feels more natural but Dex is still a little frustrating (can you tell)?

On the second version I tried focusing on Dex with a little Verdigogh peeking out, adding texture underneath and some depth. I like the second version better and I am getting more comfortable with Dex Not into the grid pattern but it's growing on me. I guess that's what makes these challenges successfull - we learn and grow if we put in the effort in spite of ourselves!

I'm calling the second Fuller Brush - all those sales people going door to door, or Dex to Dex, selling brushes? My, how the mind wanders...

Working on a larger scale...

Day 1
A friend's grandson, Brennan, is moving into his new room and I'm doing a wall mural for him. Lot's of fun and I was given carte blanche to do what I wanted!

Brennan likes monkeys, and owls, and TRUCKS, going to add a few more vehicles: tractor, dump trucks, etc. to put a smile on that sweet little face. His mom loves warm weather and the sun (something in short supply during our long winter months), so the sun is for mommy.

I'll post pictures as it progresses.

Day 2
 Day 2 - It's getting closer...
Adding finishing touches and covering myself in paint too. The inset shows the little tractor forming above the window. Putting in details. Suns, monkeys, owls, giraffes, and tractors, oh my!

Challenge #26: "String Theory - Spirals and Lunar Stuff

This weeks Diva Challenge #26 asks us to make our string a spiral and go from there! Here goes... Weee, my favorite string, spirals are great. Yippee. That's what spirals make me feel like and they nurture my creative spirit. Orbs and spirals, can it get any better? A little giddy today, but that's okay. It must be the eclipse, which I missed last night. Thank goodness for Google and youtube, it looked beautiful, orangey/red, and amazing!

If you haven't already, you've got to check out the Diva's challenge. The spirals this week (week #26) are beautiful, every participant creates a unique version weekly and it's definitely a feast for the eyes and the spirit. Very fun, but addicting.

For my second version I added just a touch of color and lot's o' spirals. It is spiralicious and very spacey (and I mean that in only the most positive, science fiction sort of way!)


Challenge #25 - Zendala Magic

The Diva's Challenge #25 - Zendala Magic" Greetings everyone! My name is Geneviève Craib she created a lovely zendala (a fusion of mandalas and Zentangle) template for us to decorate.

I'm a week late on my challenge but I decided to post it any way. I used Genevieve's template as a string to create my ZIA. It's not done in the traditional Zendala fashion. I found it challenging but very enjoyable and I will use this template again and try a more traditional version with the symetry that most Zendalas incorporate.  I used Betweed, Lupe, Knightsbridge, Munchin, Florzish tangles and had fun!