Bunzo Exploration

Bunzo with variations on tan, a few tendrils,
some Auras, and some Printemps embellishments
One of tangles I've been asked to work on in my Beyond Basics Class is Bunzo. It's not a tangle I often use, so it was fun to explore some of the many possibilities of this undulating little beauty.

Working on Tan paper added another fun dimension to the entire process, the tan adds an additional color to my tangling repertoire. A little white gel pen and it's complete.

Challenge #168 - Tangelation Nation - Rain and Others

Rain tangelations, with Hollibaugh, shading, White Gel Pen,
Beadz, and lot's of Auras!
This weeks Diva's challenge is #168! I can't believe I've been out of the challenge loop for so long. I've been working on stuff just not posting or participating. It feels good to be back in the fold again.
This week is Laura's birthday and she chose Tangleation Nation to celebrate her birthday week with  "RAIN" and all the fun tangleations we can come up with. What a lovely way to celebrate and a Happy B-Day to the Diva.

Rain is a very simple tangle that lends itself beautifully to oh so many tangleations.

I chose to play up the curves and Aura the heck out of Rain. It turned out taking on a pointy little Crescent Moon flair in the main focus area. Straight lines are not my thing, but these little triangles allow themselves to bend and morph into lovely organic shapes. It feels like it's spinning into the atmosphere.

I used some wonderful tan paper I found at our recycle place in the area called the Scrap Box. Companies and individual donate all kinds of kool stuff. You can buy paper by the inch and it's quite a deal. Whenever I visit the Scrap Box I have my trusty Microns in hand to test the quality of the papers available. This paper has the rich look of the Zentangle Renaissance Tiles and I love the subtle way my white Gel Pen adds luster and pop. I want to get some sepia pens and start playing with that on tan papers and Renaissance tiles. This just adds one more dimension to the black and white.