Challenge #145 - New Official Tangle: Quib

For each CZT training Rick and Maria come up with a new tangle. The tangle for CZT Training CZT Seminar XII is called Quib a great versatile organic little beauty. View the the step outs for the new tangle in the latest Zentangle newsletter and the fabulous examples tiles creating using this new tangle!

This is such a fun tangle and I chose to create some little bejeweled crown fasteners, baubles, and add some wonky wire with danglies and beads. I added a little purple and blue which seamed to go perfectly with the majestic caps. I used my Sakura micron, black and purple, and my Derwent Inktense pencils for the color wash and blends.

I modified my tile after seeing it on line; adding the dark starry night background behind the main Quib, I also intensified the shading. It seemed a little floaty without that added touch.

Thanks Laura for another great challenge. Check out the other wonderful entries for this week.

Version Two - In the round (sort of)
Looping Quib with Mooka

Original tile with lighter background

Challenge #144 - A Bug's Life

Pea pods, lily pads, Tipple, and Dragonflies
lot's of Auras and embellishments
This weeks Diva Challenge #144: A Bug's Life asks us to use color iand add a bug to the tile. How fun! Laura debutes the video created by Sakura with Samantha Taylor, CZT on her web site, check it out. Great video and lot's of inspirational solutions.

I chose to feature my bug (dragonfly) and embellish it with Sakura metallic gold and white gel pens. My color was added with Derwent Inktense pencils and of course my trusty Sakura micron pens. This was so much fun to create and add lot's of embellishments is my thing. Woo-hoo!

I've been playing around with pea pods; a tangleation of Carol Ohl's Inapod. Love the shape and the wonderful little orbs created by each pod. I have my dragon fly floating above water with lot's of lily pads and ripples. The combination of these elements may only work in my head, but that's okay!

I ran across some amazing Amazon river lily pads online. I couldn't duse them as my reference, but they are amazing. Check out this youtube video. I want some of THOSE lily pads in my garden!
Frank's Banana Spider with Betweed, Shattuck,
Sanibelle, Purk beads, and Bales

I took this opportunity to create a tile for my brother-in-law. He and my sister live in Florida and he has a fondness for the Banana spiders that live in his barn. He was sharing how beautiful they were, he likes to scratch their little backs as they sit on their webs. This one's for you Frankie!

Challenge #143 - UMT - Cruze by Caren Mlot

This weeks Diva challenge is #143, it's a first Monday of the month Use My Tangle challenge. Cruze by CZT Caren Mlot was chosen, check out her tangle. It's easy to recreate and has a great rhythm. There are many possibilities and variations which makes it a fun tangle. My version definitely isn't perfect... but that's the Zentangle way, right? Just doing it one stroke at a time. I will play with this tangle in the future.

My solution is light and airy solution with just a touch of color. I used a purple micron and the color definitely doesn't pop.

I used Cruze, Printemp swirls, Crescent tangleations, Flux, Betweed, Zinger with lots of Beadz, Auras, and shading.

Zendala Dare #79 - A Zendala Thanks to Rick and Maria

Thanks to Rick and Maria
Mooka, Purk embellishments, Paradox, Betweed,
and Swirls in Ibex fashion

High Contrast Zendala
Flying Geese, Tipple, Umble, Pressed Wood,
and BTL Jooz, and Printemps
So this weeks challenge is to create a Zendala using the template #79 as a tribute to Rick and Maria to say thanks for their contribution.  I chose to use official tangles and mimic Maria's style. Her work is so inspirational and it's fun to really examine some of her wonderful tiles on the site. She and Rick have enhanced my life and certainly instilled or should I say relit the creative flame that can be dampened so easily once life and work gets in the way.

Meeting them and getting into the Zentangle process has enriched my life beyond measure. I can't thank them enough. I was able to attend the last CZT seminar in Whittinsville, MA because my sister's and my niece made that my gift in 2010. It was one of the best gifts and the most wonderful experience I've ever had!

I used Paradox, Betweed, Mooka, Purk embellishments, and swirls in the Ibex Maria fashion. I painted on black ink and them embellished the edges with Sakura white jelly roll. I love it. It turned out just the way I hoped and I had a blast doing it. Thanks to Maria, Rick, Erin, and of course Zentangle.

I did the second Zendala this weekend after seeing CZT, Sue Clark's tribute to the new Book of Zentangle cover for the Diva challenge. Her tile was inspired by Maria's fantastic cover design on the recently released Zentangle book. She did a fabulous job and made me want to try Umble again. I went for high contrast, and while my Umble beats to it's own drum (I tried) but the results pleased me. I feel more comfortable with this tangle, I will keep working on it. I really enjoy the sumptous little pods in the center. Fun to do!

I created the Zendala template using a plate and ruler to divide and create the pie shaped string design. It was a great exercise for my upcoming Zendala class this week!

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