Challenge #119 - Ebony and Ivory

Center (black Kooty Catcher) attached,
Center (black Kooty Catcher) attached, partially opened -
you can peek on the inside
Center (black Kooty Catcher), attached to top.
fully opened, lying flat

The Diva's challenge this week #119 asked us to deal with Black (Ebony) and White (Ivory) and tried to have equal amounts of both in our tile. Laura suggested using high contrast tangles like Knightbridge, Alium, etc. Those which have strong contrast between light and dark. Thats one way to do it. I chose to emulate Maria Thomas' current Zentangle block post using black and white tiles. Check it out, it's phenomenal!

I folded a black card stock square in the old "Kooty Catcher" fashion for the center, laid it on my white tile and outlined it loosely. I am okay with the fact that it's not perfectly aligned on the white tile, my "process" can be seen.

I then tangled my white tile leaving the outline center square blank. I used Paradox for the corners and then a curvey, undulating Muchin tangleation, and a little Tipple for texture.

I then worked on the black: layed it on my white tile fully opened and flat, and kept lifting the corners to reference the tangles underneath. After the center (inside) of the black was complete, or at least outlined with the white gel pen, I closed my catcher and completed the closed version referencing and continuing the tangles from the white tile onto the black.

I didn't glue it down till it was complete so the reference is not perfect, it moved, but I really love the results and it was a learning process. I used a few pieces of double-sided tape to attach the Kooty Catcher to the center of the white tile.

Once I got everything basically drawn and lined up I went back in and added shading (graphite on the white tile) and white pencil on the black. It's not perfect but it was an exciting and totally Zen experience. I Loooove it! (if I do say so myself). I'm definitely going to do this again and try to align it perfectly. This was my first version so I have so many other versions to come, no?

I'm going to try and get some pictures with my camera to show the dimension. I scanned the first three views so the flatbed doesn't do the 3-D aspect any justice.

showing completed tiles separately; front and back of black tile

Scanned in tile with black catcher opened
I hope you can sort of see the inside and the 3-D effect

Challenge #118 - Use My Tangle Featuring Kuke and Zendala Dare #57

This week's Diva Challenge #118 is a UMT (Use My Tangle) features Kuke, created by Katy Abbot, CZT. She came up with this tangle after finding a shriveled cucumber slice on the kitchen floor after her daughter dropped it the night before, oh how our minds work! It's a nice curvy organic tangle, so we were instantly friends.

I took the opportunity to check out the Bright Owl's Zendala Dare #57 this week which is being hosted by Geneviève Crabe. She features one of her templates created using her Zendala stencils. Check it out, there is a give away this week!

So, I decided Genevieve's template as a string for this weeks challenge. I played loosey goosey with the Zendala template AND this new tangle, Kuke.

Wedding Celebration

Two dear friends got married yesterday,
it was a lovely celebration.
Here's to you Janet and Rusty!

Challenge #117 - The New Official Tangle Schway

Version 1 - Schway with Hollibaugh

The Diva's challenge for the first Monday of the month features Rick Roberts new tangle "Schway" which was released by Rick and Maria this week.

This is a very structured, symetrical tangle that doesn't come naturally to me, OG (Organic Gal) that I am. I used this tangle in last week's challenge, so I was feeling pretty comfortable using it. Even though my version is not measured and perfectly spaced it works, very fun, versatile tangle. I tried to make this tangle flow and go with the banner curves, it really helped give a 3-D quality to my tile.

It was fun to play with different tangleations and embellishments with this new tangle. Hollibaugh seemed like a good accompaniment for this tangle, they "play well" together!

Version 2 - Schway Landscape with Mooka, can you see the little folk?

I did a second version of Schway and the curve looks like a landscape, so added some Schway houses and blue sky, I think it's going to be a bookmark. Tangles: Schway tangleations, Mooka, Paradox, Tipple, BTL Jooz, and Beadz with little fun folk and Schway houses. Size 3.5 x 8.5" with black micron pen, Derwent Watercolor pencils, and graphite