New, Yet-to-be-named, Zentangle Tangle

Rick and Maria of Zentangle came out with a new tangle. They presented lovely tile samples to view and digest. The challenge was to name this new tangle and try to deconstruct it in 8 steps or less. The winner wins a set of Zentangle coasters. Check out the Zentangle blog and the samples.

To me, this tangle has the feel of Paradox, Hollibaugh, Hurry, and Hibred. A wonderful combination of all 4. Fun to do, but you need all your faculties involved to complete this lovely new tangle. It has the feel of a Celtic knot and I found myself doing a lot of "What?" as I was trying to learn this tangle. I'm thinking it should be called Knot-wot.
My efforts are much more wonky and organic looking but I still like them.

Jeanne Kero, a fellow CZT and Zentangle Zealot won the challenge.  Jeanne is the one who exposed me to the wonderful world of Zentangle and was my coheart in crime last May when we went to CZT training in Massachusettes. We had a wonderful inspirational time in Whittinsville and our Zentangle journey began!

Jeanne deconstructed it beautifully and won the challenge. Check out her new blog and her deconstruction step-out of this tangle that she is calling "Cheeky".  Her directions helped me to feel comfortable in the creation of this new, yet-to-be-named, tangle.

I did many versions of this tangle and came up with two that I actually was pleased with. The first using the "dot" deconstruction method that several people presented to create the tangle and then connecting the dots.

The second is a much more curvaceous rendition of this tangle using Jeanne's deconstruction directions. I really enjoy whatever we call it and look forward to using it in the future, OFTEN!