Challenge #122 - Grid (un)Locked

My Grid (un)locked hope all
the little tangles play well

Laura bases her Diva challenge for week #122 on Rick and Maria's Zentangle Newsletter posting that focuses on using the grid in a new exciting way! Check out their post This takes the elements of the Zentangle process to the basic element of one square.

I really enjoyed the process and tried to focus on each square and how it played off the corresponding square. It was a great way to focus on "honoring the tangle". I always try to connect my tangles and play off whatever line, element, thingy is the connecting point and interacts with it's fellow tangle. I think it brings a wonderful cohesion to the final piece. Just like a pebble leaves a ripple in the water that continues but changes as it reacts with elements in it's path. There is still that connection but it changes.

For me, it's the ultimate in the Zen experience. It helps with concentration, interaction, and being aware of all the elements on the page.  It's how tangles talk to each other, the conversation continues, and changes, but when they all follow the basic thread creating a harmonious song!

My grid became a small wallhanging with baubles and beads, very fun. I hope this ZIA sings or at least hums!

Thanks Rick and Maria and Laura for a great challenge. Check out all the wonderful creations for this challenge on the Diva's site.

I did a second version continuing my exploration on the Index-card-a-day study. Tried some Tripoli, B4, C5, D1,  Mooka, and contrast, connection studies.

Green index card
Version two
Final version one with my grid studies
What a fun process!

Challenge #121 - Use My Tangle 17 - Birds on a Wire and Bales

Bird on a Wire, Orbs, Knightsbridge, Float Fest, and Pearlz
The Diva's UMT Challenge #121 uses the new Bird on a Wire tangle created by Mary Kissel, CZT. Its a cute little tangle and I found the spiral version the most fun to do.

I used a small yellow index card for this challenge. I ran across the index-card-a-day challenge so I thought I'd try combining the two. The cards have a surprisingly nice surface and accepts the micron pen well.

I also added my index card version of last weeks Challenge #120 Bales. Crazy week so just doing a little catch up.  Used a purple index card for Bales.

Bales variations with Florz, leaves, auras, and stuff...