Challenge #50 - Biggify

Fun challenge I usually work larger anyway so it was fun to up the ante a bit! Version 1: Tried a little Cootie, a new fun one from Sandi's Yoga for the brain book, Crescent Moon, Printemp, Float Fest and some Pearls and texture. Very fun.

Got hooked and tried a second version using Tripoli, Pressed Wood, Hollibaugh with some Tipple, Pearls, and some Florz variations. Did the original size and then really bigified it.

This challenge is just like popcorn; you can't do just one. I took artisic license with that quote since I'm much more fond of popcorn!

Version 2 Progression:
First with shading and the second au naturel

Challenge #49 - Red Thread

Version one: Spinners, Popsicles, Tipple, Shard, Hollibaugh,
Cross Stitch, Golven, Pendrils, and a red thread!

Version two: It's all about the red thread,  Pendrils a' growin'!
Cris Letournea, CZT of Tangled Up in Art takes up the Diva's challenge this week.

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break."
- Chinese proverb

To raise awareness for the mission of the Red Thread Promise, she asks us to to create a traditional black and white tangle tile with a single red "thread" running through it.

A wonderful challenge for this time of year when we are asked to give thanks and appreciate what and who we have in our lives. I am blessed with wonderful family and friends and cherish each and every one of them. This is a great proverb and helps me appreciate what I have, rather than what is missing in my life.

Thanks for another wonderful, thought provoking challenge. Time for all us to count our blessings and wish Artoo a speedy recovery. 

Challenge #48 - Sue Clark - String Theory v. VII: "Tri-Shapes"

Version One - Using familiar tangles
Knightbridge, Floatfest, Crescent Moon, Tipple, Munchin,
Paradox, and Lampions (seed pods), Beadlines
Version 2 - New tangles
Unyum, Spinners, Arches, and Antidots, and a little Paradox point 
Sue Clark, CZT from Colorado is the guest host for this week's Diva Challenge for Week #48. Sue asks us to create a string using three basic shapes (circle, square, and triangle). Fun brain teaser as always. These three shapes don't seem to lend themselves to the same string but it was a fun challenge. Thanks Sue!

In version one, I didn't follow the rules. I used some of my favorites: Crescent Moon, Knightsbridge, Paradox, Tipple, Floatfest (one of my faves), Beadlines, and Lampions/Seed Pods (that's what I call them). Some of my Floatfest has a little striping to mimic a BTL Joos. A busy little organic ZIA but I like the result.

In version 2 I followed Sue's suggestion and used unfamiliar tangles with one faves: Unyum, Spinners, Arches, Antidots, and a little Paradox point (had to throw one fave in). I think the results work!

As I look out and see snowflakes and think of winter, I hope this is my sun catcher for the inevitable upcoming short, grey, winter days! Grasp those little sun rays oh ZIA!

Influencing the weather has always been a dream of mine. As children we lived off the boardwalk in Long Beach, Long Island, NY. We were living in a small apartment house with my father and a hurricane was slapping the Long Island shore.

We were given strict instructions by my father when he left for work that morning to stay off the beach. But his 3 darling daughters had other ideas. It was so exciting to stand on the beach and watch the waves crashing to the shore, how could we resist?

We thought our dad would never know. So we snuck down to the beach and held hands while chanting and swinging our arms up to the heavens... "Oh King Neptune, King of the Sea..." a little ritual we thought would get rid of the big ol' storm. In the midst of our chant several waves crashed on shore soaking the 3 of us to the bone.

We were safe (no thanks to our little stunt) but sopping wet. There was no way we could sneak back before my father got home from work and clean up quickly enough to hide the drowned rat look we receive from King Neptune on our little excursion.

Needless to say, my father, was not a happy camper when he arrived home to find we had totally disregarded his warning. We didn't get out to the beach for quite a while after that, and worst of all, all our efforts hadn't stopped the hurricane!

Challenge #46: - All Hallow's Eve

Catching up on challenges. Finally scanned this one in. A few eyballs, some BTLJoos, Keekos, a few ghosties, some candy corn, and of course, a little spider join the crew, BOO!

Challenge #45 - New Tangle Punzel

I'm catching up on my challenges. The Diva in week #45 asks us to use the new tangle 'Punzel' that is a variation on 'Chaining'. Mine went a little crazy but I like the result. I need to work on Punzel but this rendition works for me as a start.

Challenge #47 - Lest We Forget

The Diva's challenge #47 asks us simply to remember. Every year vetrans sell lapel Poppies for donation.

The lapel poppies were first made in 1922 by disabled veterans. In time the Royal Canadian Legion took over the operation - and the Poppy Fund continues to support our Country's veterans.

When you create your tile or ZIA, the challenge is to remember - what this means to you. I also think of all the lapels and herring bone suits with the little red poppy decorating their lapels. Remember...

When we were kids I remember seeing the guys with the poppies and thinking how cool they were. I didn't really know what they stood for but my mom told me the men were vetrans and she bought me a poppy to wear on my coat.

My mother died in 1996 and I often think about her. When we were kids we would get an allowance of 10 cents, that tells you how long ago that was! Anyway, my sisters and I would take our big allowance and go down to the local 5 and 10 cent store when it was a special occasion, and buy my mom an "emerald ring". We didn't do this too often, only on special occasions. My mother received quite a few of those Fabulous emerald rings! She would always put the newly purchased ring on and rave about the lovely gift... tin and green glass, what more could a woman ask for? And the green smudge around her finger from the cheap little ring she wore like her badge of courage. She always said "Someday I'll get a real emerald ring!".

Many years later, on her 75th birthday, we, her 4 darling daughters, got her a real emerald ring. The ring had 4 emeralds for her 4 girls and she always wore it always. It was one of the best gifts we ever gave her. I was given that ring when she died, it is a cherished memento, and when I put that ring on, I feel close to her and I wear it as my badge of courage.

Shading and color added, a little emerald green, and it's done!

Challenge #44 - String Theory, Tangled on the Inside

This week's Diva challenge was suggested by Jo in NZ. She suggested using one tangle as the 'string' and then filling in all the spaces with other tangles.  A tangle within a tangle....

I went for Mookalishisshness of Mooka, a little Paradox, Printemps, Hybrid, Keeko, Cadent, Pendrils and lot's of stitching and tying.

I'm going to be up North at my sister's place and while there I'll be teaching a Zentangle class to quilters. I'm very excited and I think the "sewing" aspect shows in this tangle. I'm not a sewer but I do love material and have enjoyed tangling on Cotton Sateen fabric. It's a totally different experience. I'll post pictures from this weekend.

Challenge #43 - Sunflower Fun

The Sunflower Fund - version 2
For the Diva's challenge this week Pennyb. writes about the Sunflower Fund in the Republic of South Africa, on 12 October. It is a Bandana Day, which is run by the Sunflower Fund. This is an organization founded in 1999 in support of the SA Bone Marrow Registry for people suffering from leukemia. Every year our local retailer (Pick n Pay) sells Sunflower bandanas and the proceeds go towards the Sunflower Fund...everyone wears a Bandana, somehow somewhere on this day!

Here is my take on the Sunflower...
Some Mooka, Printtemps, and Betweed on version 1. Paradox, Bumps, Knightbridge and stuff on version 2.

Challenge #42 - Hope

Breast Cancer Awareness, Hope.

Birthday Tangle for Mr. Watson

A couple of dear friends were in town and I got to steal some time with them. They are now living in Washington state and came back to pack up some of their belongings to move to their new home. It was lovely to get some time with them, a little champagne, cheese, and crackers filled with laughter and sharing and hugging. I was so glad to see their sweet faces.

Janet's birthday was in July and I did a Zentangle for her, and John's birthday was in August so I created a birthday tangle for him. I thought I had emailed it but and I kept meaning to mail him (snailmail) his birthday tangle. This was the perfect opportunity to pass along a little birthday card with their little tangles.

They are people who appreciate funny little hand-made things and this one has a little manly hardware and some peace signs for the peace child that is John. Janet's was much more girly. Both were wonderful ways to feel connected to them. 

Challenge #41 - Duo-tangle - Jonqal/Opus

This week was a busy one for me so I'm running a bit behind on the challenge. These are not 2 tangles that I use often so it was good to get in touch with them. Hello jonqual and opus!

Challenge #40 - String Theory v.VI: Pinwheels for Peace

Version #1
Version #2
September 21 was the International Day of Peace and the Diva's challenge asks us to use a pinwheel as a string celebrating Peace. Better late than never.

I decided to go freeform and draw my own pinwheel. Version #1: organic, starfish pinwheel, at least that's what it looks like, but I like it anyway. Version #2: has a stained glass window effect.

They represent pinwheels but "represent" is the key word. Good challenge and good things to think about and focus on in this crazy world. Peace and love are wonderful thoughts and give me hope.

Weekly Challenge #39: "Love is all you Need"

The Divas challenge this week asks us to think about Love. With the 9/11 ten year anniversary this was very appropriate. It brings to mind the fact that none of us know how long we have so it's important to touch base with those you love and tell them you love them now. Who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Spent the weekend up north with my sister and brother in-law. It was a mini family reunion with my niece, her husband, and my brother in-law from Florida. My brother in-law doesn't get up to Michigan often so it was nice to visit, reminisce, and spend time with family.

Laughing together is a wonderful way to express love and this was a weekend filled with laughter and sharing in the lovely peaceful setting of the Au Sable River. Sitting on the deck, looking out at the river, while birds and lot's of furry little creatures did their thing!

Love with a little Printemps, Shattuck, Bulb Lantern, and Gingham. Simple, let the words do the talking.

Challenge #38 - Better Than a Pair of Ducks

Version 1 - Outline and shading
Version 2 - It's all about the lines, and..
going outside of the lines and adding some
 swirls and baubles
Version 3 - A little added texture
The Divas' challenge this week asks us to work on a Monotangle with Paradox, or "A Pair of Ducks" as the Diva says.

This was a request by Maria, this is a challenging tangle, one I only use only sparingly it does take much more concentration but once you get into the motion and start turning your tile it is very relaxing. I really enjoy using leaf shapes and squares for this pattern. It makes it more organic and lyrical? (love that word!)

Shading is a wonderful enhancement for this tangle. There's a lot of serendipity involved with this tangle, get into the motion and it's... oh that's what is formed? Kool!

Challenge #37 - Kiss My Grid

Version 1 - Lot's o' texture
Version 2 - Enjoying the grid

This week's Diva's challenge asks us to use all grid-based tangles in your our tile I did a string within a grid. I did two versions, one very organic, the other keeping within the grid. They aren't all grid based tangles but I did implement the grid and followed it closely.

This was surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not a grid gal, I like the free flowing curvy stuff but I was able to combine enough of my curve appeal into the grid format.

Challenge #36 - Assunta, Happy Birthday Maria

This weeks Diva challenges features the new tangle from Zentangle "Assunta". It's a tangle that originated from the influence of some woodwork that Rick and Maria saw and photographed at the Cloister's in New York. I really enjoyed seeing  the original napkin sketch they had done after seeing the Cloisters. And I was very taken with the photograph Rick posted. It definitely echoed back to Oak Hurst and our CZT seminar this past May. So I concentrated more on the photograph and that wonderful woodwork.

I really enjoy Rick's descriptions as he shares this new tangle, he references taking off and landing and comes from the numbers point of view. That's one of the things that fascinates me about the Zentangle process. We all come from totally different places to get to our creative process. I find his descriptions very helpful but not always a familiar way for me to look at tangling. It's very fun and I appreciate being able to meet and share the experience of both Rick and Maria teaching this spring and getting to experience their beautiful creations in person.

So Happy Birthday Maria, this tangle is orbiting it's way to you, sending you good thoughts and tangles on your B-Day. Better late than never, no?

I went a little more organic, loosey goosey with this tangle. It's a very fun tangle especially when the pattern begins to build.

Version 2 - A little Tipple, Printemp and Pais,
plus some stiches to tie it all together

Version 3 - Lot's of auras

Zentangle Copper Etching

Our copper pieces with Sharpie Zentangle drawings
done directly on the copper pieces
My first copper Zentangle piece mounted on rough wood using the
wonderful tiny screws I found at the local Ace Hardware store.
This copper piece is in the showcase at the Saline Library
with some of my Zentangle pieces until October.
Vicky's lovely piece!
Copper trilogy created by me, Nancy, and Sandy
I went up north a couple of weeks ago to teach a Zentangle class to kids at the Ausable Artisan's Village Art Gallery in Grayling. It's a great space that was once a Benjamin Franklin 5 and 10 store and has been tranformed into a wonderful art gallery. There are many talented volunteers helping to create and maintain this gallery and my sister and brother-in-law are volunteering there.

My trip was two-fold, one, to teach the class, and two, to take some vacation time with my sister and her hubby. A fabulous time was had by all and we spent a jam packed few days doing lot's of fun artsy fartsy, family visiting stuff, my favorite!

My sister Nancy helped me teach the Zentangle class on Wednesday, and on Saturday I got to help her do a wire jewelry demonstration of making aluminum wire Christmas ornaments at the Ausable River Art Gallery. By "help her" I mean carrying stuff, sitting next to her and doing my Zentangling and being a general helping sister. We had a great time.

She's a wonderful wire jewelry artist. Check out her fabulous jewelry designs on etsy at

On Thursday, she and I did some copper engraving using sharpie pens, tangling directly on the copper pieces, and then etching our designs into the copper using the Sharpies as the resist.

It was sooooo kool. A very labor intensive process but the results were AMAZING! The top photo shows the copper pieces once we completed our Zentangles drawing directly on the copper. The copper pieces are shown mounted on foam using double-sided carpet tape. The foam allows the pieces to float in the etching solution so the acid can do its job and eat away the copper that isn't covered by the Sharpie ink. We had to wait for the etching solution to work its magic, and in an hour we pulled out our copper pieces. We neutralize the acid solution with ammonia water bath (stinkies!), then a baking soda water bath., scrubbed the Sharpie residue off the copper with scotch scouring pads. Once cleaned the copper was antiqued to bring out the depth, and then cleaned, and cleaned, and shined, and waxed and viola, lovely copper pieces of Zentangle art emerged. You don't really know what your going to get until the acid does its work and they are all cleaned up and antiqued.  

Once they were completed we stood there admiring them, and giggling and ooowing and ahhhing. It was wonderful. We even took the pieces to dinner with us that night!

Nancy and I spent all day Thursday playing with the etching and then had friends come over to continue the etching fun on Friday. My sister has a jewelry studio in her home, a perfect place to do our projects. 

Sandy and Vicky, the two women who joined us on Friday are friends who were in the first Zentangle class that I taught last fall. They are both Zentangle Zealots now and were into our new copper etching Zentangle undertaking.

The results of our art days were AMAZING, take a look at all the pieces we created. Each one is beautiful. 

Thanks Nancy for all your expertise making it possible!

Challenge #35 - Tile on a Tile + Pendril

Wow, how time flies, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I've posted. I've been really busy, up North visiting my sister Nancy and her husband where I taught a Zentangle class, played with copper, and vacationed at their cabin part of the time and just busy and tired. I combined challenge #35, which is Margaret Bremmer's of Enthusiastic Artist guest challenge for the Diva's weekly challenge. She asked us to do a tile within a tile, hmmm... Very fun challenge.

It was great to get back to tangling. I've been so busy and in my head so much that it felt great to get back to that calm, meditative state created when doing a Zentangle. Letting the pen flow and the tangles build themselves, one upon the other, not worrying about the outcome, just enjoying the process. Breathe, relax, smile applies to so many aspects of life. It's nice to get off the little hamster wheel that can be my brain, as many have said, being in my head is not a safe place to be.

So, I'm back on the blog bandwagon and glad to be here enjoying the ride!

For this challenge I also incorporated the new tangle "Pendral" (challenge # 33) so I'm nearly caught up.

I talked to my sister Nancy yesterday and she mentioned she hadn't seem me post in a while, it was a good wake up call. Yes, I can get busy, but the Zentangle process is something that I enjoy and fills my creative spirit, so I'm back ON my favorite addiction... tangling and blogging. Yippee!

Challenge 31 - Fairyland

Carol Bailey Floyd is hosting the Diva's challenge this week and she asks us to create a Zentangle environment where fairies would feel at home.
Well that's right up my fairy alley! I love Zentangles and fairies and all their magical powers to influence our lives.

As a child, The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies was my favorite book. My mother read it to us almost every day. It's was a wonderful anthology of stories collected by Jane Werner and beautifully illustrated by Garth Williams. It was magical, and began my creative experience. There was a story about a mermaid that made me want to learn to swim and never cut my hair, so someday I could be a mermaid too.

My mother was not one of those "cherish the memories" sorts of moms. She didn't try to preserve our childhood clothes, toys, books, etc. She would throw out "old crap" as she so gingerly put it. She was great, and I loved her dearly, but she definitely wasn't into those soft and fuzzy types. Anyway... I remembered that book (long gone from our house) and looked for it for most of my adult life. It's one of those books that many of us baby boomers remember fondly, and I discovered that it went out of print in the 60's. I ran across old original copies online, rarely, and very expensive (minimum of $100). So I kept looking...

One day, I was helping my dear friend Shirley doing some organizing. She's one of those who does cherish and preserve family memorabilia and items from the past. We were going through her treasure of children's books and ran across an original Elves and Fairies book. It was beautiful, and I sat down and leafed through those wonderful old pages and it was just as I remembered it. She saw how enamored I was. It had been her children's book, and unbeknown to me, she called them, and they all agreed I should have it. A few days later surprised me with the book. It was one of the loveliest gifts I have ever received. I cherish it and still leaf through it often.

So, to make a long story long, fairies have always been a favorite of mine. I'm illustrating a children's book for a friend of mine. She has written a collection of fairy poems that she asked me to illustrate. What a joy and honor!

Here is my fairy garden interpretation, hope the fairies enjoy it. This seems like a perfect challenge this week since Rick and Maria's daughter Molly just had a baby girl. What more do little girls love than fairies? They are there to inspire, watch over, and bring magic to the lives of all little baby girls. Welcome Mazzy Martha Hollibaugh!

A Good Time Was Had by All!

I had a class at 212 Art Center in Saline last night, and it was great. There were only 3 people, which made for a lovely intimate group. We were able to combine a Basics and a Beyond Basics class that suited everyone. Two of the women were new to the process and the other is a Zentangle veteran. They all did a fabulous job and the time flew by.

The 212 is a wonderful site for classes, nestled in downtown Saline in a lovely old Craftsmen Bungalow with all the character and details that give it such a great feel . It lends itself beautifully to the "Zen" feeling we're all looking for in the Zentangle process; calmness, and serenity, just Breathe, Relax, Smile and, of course, Tangle!

This image shows the fruits of their labor... three beautiful little jewels created from the same basic tangles and all 3 having such different looks and feels. I always find it amazing. Great job ladies!

I brought some wonderful quilted Zentangle kits that Sandy, friend of mine from up north, had created. She is a wonderful fabric artist and quilter and the ladies purchased 3 of her pieces. I don't sew, but I do appreciate the work and the detail. She takes an idea and fabricates the perfect solution. What she creates is phenominal.

Weekly Challenge #30: "String Theory V.V :Initialize"

My Intial ZIA
My Initial String
This week's Diva challenge is hosted Christina Vanderlist and she asks us to bring a little of ourself into the artwork! We are asked to use our Initials as the string, oh, what fun! It's always fun to do something that's all about ME! Just kidding.

This does make it look like a big old party is happening. I used some of my favorites... Printemps, Knightsbridge, Crescent Moon, Lupine, Tripoli, Mooka, and of course some little bead pods! Curves gallore, that's me.  It seemed a little redundant to put my signature on my initials....

I'm going to do a few more. I have some friends wirh birthdays coming up, so I need to play with their initials. This is the perfect opportunity to work on my lettering. Letterforms are the perfect accompaniment for tangles... I do want to work on my tangled alphabet so I have my little stockpile of jewels to pick from for any occasion.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Yesterday was a long day, I was monitoring a teacher's exam all day. The process consists of sitting and watching the examinees as they participate in their testing; 12 hours of vigilance, strolling the isles, monitoring, and for concentration purposes, during my break times, tangling. The brown texture is from the paper towels I used at lunch time, the white stickers are leftover from labels we adhered to the tables, the imprints are my finger print tests on my own fingers to make sure it worked, and the touch of blue is from the leftover stickers we used. Viola, the art piece eeeze formed!

Fun to combine some multi-mediums (since no CDs were involved!) from my day into my Zentangle process. Junk is now a memory that I can put into an album and remember. People often say things like, I'll never get those xx hours back, but if  I'm mindful, and take the  time to be in the moment and be creative, it's not a mind-numbing experience or lost hours, it's just an experience, a texture, a time to be, and remember.

Up North Play

Zentangle tile packets
Metallic Jewels
This past weekend was the 4th of July weekend and I was invited up north by my sister and brother in law. It's so nice to get away and enjoy their lovely surroundings on the AuSable River, being with nature, friends, and wonderful family. We, of course, had a Zentangle gathering with lot's of sharing, creativity, and laughter. I hadn't seen my sister since my wonderful CZT experience in Whittinsville, so I was able to share experiences and fun things from that wonderful weekend which she, and my other sister, and niece made possible.

I made up kits for the gals with their initials done with the Sakura metallic gel pens that we had received at the training. I gave each of them 5 official Zentangle tiles in the packets (their first), so they could experience the joys of this fabulous paper. I had gotten some black pastel paper which I cut up to create a little folder and "wrapped" the tiles with a lovely little bow.

We played with the black paper I brought and metallic gel pens and created some lovely little jewels. Friends Sandy and Vicky were part of the original Zentangle class I had done with my sister last fall. They shared the artwork they have created since then, and it was phenomenal. Sandy also showed us a Zentangle purse she was in the process of creating. It was beautiful. I will post pictures of this lovely completed purse when I get them. It's so much fun to know so many talented women - Women rule! It was a wonderful weekend.

Challenge #28 - Trip to Tripoli

This was a very enjoyable challenge, I wasn't totally satisfied with the result, but the process was great. I got to experience Tripoli at CZT training #6 even before it had it's official name, Maria and Rick were demonstrating this new unamed pattern, and it was very exciting. It makes such a difference being able to watch someone creating a new pattern, stroke by stroke, and of course being able to see Maria creating it was AMAZING! Watching the flow, emerge while hearing Maria and Rick discuss it was wonderful. The tangles they come up with are amazing, very much like potato chips (oh yeah, I'm going there!) You can't tangle just one. It is addictive and gives that ahhhh, popped the bubble wrap, satisfying feeling when a rythm is developed and you can relax into process. Just tangle, smile, and breathe. Mooka was very much like that for me, and I'm sure Tripoli will be another guilty pleasure!

I enjoyed the process as I started with the precise (not really) rounded triangle and let my tangle morph into a more organic, rippled shape.  I think that lines that ripple have a wonderful rythm and energy. Just like in nature, nothing is exact, nature has it's own wonderful organic flow and rhythm. I enjoyed the journey, didn't focus on the outcome, and I let my intuition and pen lead me. Sounds very Zen, and isn't that the essence of the Zentangle experience?

Fresh from CZT training
I just ran across this tile that I did on the plane coming back from Whittinsville, MA. I was crunched into one of those comfy (NOT) coach seats (between two people!), just one of the sardines in the coach section of the plane. I was able to pull out my little clipboard, a micron pen, and some lovely watercolor paper and enjoy myself - the wonders of the Zentangle experience. This piece was done fresh from CZT training #6. I knew that Rick and Maria hadn't presented the pattern officially yet, so I didn't post it at the time.  I had tucked this in my journal. It does show the joy that I was feeling after experiencing such a wonderful weekend. There was so much creativity and I met many great new people. It was a magical experience and my exhuberance shows in this tile.
Another try

Birthday Zentangle

 My fellow CZT Jeanne and I got together to celebrate a friend's birthday. We used her initials as a string. She's having her birthday bash out in Washington and we're not able to attend but we're there in spirit!

I used some FloatFest, Tipple, Lupe, Poke Leaf, Quabog.  Jeanne used Meer, Betweed, Paradox, Squid, Striping, and her own pattern, Fractoid. Her shading is wonderful. We had a lovely afternoon tangling and celebrating JZ's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Janet!

Challenge #27 - Duo-tangle

Version 2 - Fuller Brush
Version 1
The Diva's challenge for week #27 is "Duo-tangle" she asks us to use two tangles only; Verdigogh and Dex. Mine is Dex spiralling out of control. Not totally satifsfied with this solution but I wanted to get something posted since it's going to be a busy week.  I hope I'll have time to do further work on this challenge. We actually reviewed Verdigogh with Maria at CZT training VI. Can it get any better???? So... Verdigogh feels more natural but Dex is still a little frustrating (can you tell)?

On the second version I tried focusing on Dex with a little Verdigogh peeking out, adding texture underneath and some depth. I like the second version better and I am getting more comfortable with Dex Not into the grid pattern but it's growing on me. I guess that's what makes these challenges successfull - we learn and grow if we put in the effort in spite of ourselves!

I'm calling the second Fuller Brush - all those sales people going door to door, or Dex to Dex, selling brushes? My, how the mind wanders...

Working on a larger scale...

Day 1
A friend's grandson, Brennan, is moving into his new room and I'm doing a wall mural for him. Lot's of fun and I was given carte blanche to do what I wanted!

Brennan likes monkeys, and owls, and TRUCKS, going to add a few more vehicles: tractor, dump trucks, etc. to put a smile on that sweet little face. His mom loves warm weather and the sun (something in short supply during our long winter months), so the sun is for mommy.

I'll post pictures as it progresses.

Day 2
 Day 2 - It's getting closer...
Adding finishing touches and covering myself in paint too. The inset shows the little tractor forming above the window. Putting in details. Suns, monkeys, owls, giraffes, and tractors, oh my!

Challenge #26: "String Theory - Spirals and Lunar Stuff

This weeks Diva Challenge #26 asks us to make our string a spiral and go from there! Here goes... Weee, my favorite string, spirals are great. Yippee. That's what spirals make me feel like and they nurture my creative spirit. Orbs and spirals, can it get any better? A little giddy today, but that's okay. It must be the eclipse, which I missed last night. Thank goodness for Google and youtube, it looked beautiful, orangey/red, and amazing!

If you haven't already, you've got to check out the Diva's challenge. The spirals this week (week #26) are beautiful, every participant creates a unique version weekly and it's definitely a feast for the eyes and the spirit. Very fun, but addicting.

For my second version I added just a touch of color and lot's o' spirals. It is spiralicious and very spacey (and I mean that in only the most positive, science fiction sort of way!)