Challenge #244 - Tripoli Triptastic

Tripoli, Tipple, Munchin, Floatfest, Leaves, Zinger,
using an "L" string
This weeks Diva Challenge revisits the tangle Tripoli. This tangle is close to my heart since it was the tangle introduced during my CZT training in May 2011. It was wonderful experiencing this tangle through Maria and Rick's eyes.

I chose to use my sepia micron to develop this ZIA. I then added touches of what I thought was black and realized half way through that I had grabbed my purple micron. No mistakes in the Zentangle process so I embraced the purple. I went the organic loosey-goosey route with Tripoli. I let it morph and grow not allowing it to take itself too seriously.

I chose to use the "L" as my original string since one of my oldest friends Liz has a big birthday coming up this week. I've known Liz since I was 12 year's old. We met at Clear Lake Camp in Chelsea, Michigan. We've been friends ever since! Happy Birthday Liz!