Challenge #180 - "UMT" MacDee by Anneke Van Dam

Fracus, MacDee, Pressed Wood, Float Fest, Tipple, Beadz, Mooka,
Betweed, Printemps, Shattuck, lot's of Auras, embellishing, and shading.
Used white chalk pencil, and white gel pens for highlights and
brown and black Sakura micron pens on a great tan card stock.
This weeks Diva challenge #180, is a UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge and features MacDee by Anneke Van Dam. It's a straight forward tangle that makes great textures and backgrounds. I can't see this as a "featured" tangle but it is very versatile and can be applied in many different applications and creates a good backdrop.

I played with MacDee and created 4 separate Quadrants using one string that encompassed all four sections. It's a Bijou sort of solution but all four 2" x 2" quadrants are kept together. The main tile area is aprox 4x4". I don't like using a straight edge so I free formed the division, drew a string on top and started tangling. This is a very busy little ZIA but it was fun to play off each section. I think it needed the open area in the center to give it some breathing space. I don't know if it's totally successful, but as always, I enjoyed the process.

I used tan paper with white gel pen and white charcoal pencil accents. The brown micron really works beautifully on this paper and seemed to go with the plaid background. Each section contains a hint of MacDee or at least elements of MacDee, morphed and varied, of course. I initially created this tile with Fracus on the bottom left corner, but after I scanned it upside down, I realized it worked better rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Isn't that always the way works when I surrender to the Zentangle process. No preconceived ideas or outcomes, I let the tangles talk to me. After all, I am a Zentangle Zealot! (term coined at our 2011 CZT Training #6)

Frame featuring Betweed, Paradox, Mooka, Printemps, Hollibaugh,
Tipple, MacDee, and some Fracas just for fun!

This frame inspired by Maria Thomas' work features the group of fabulous women who took my class last week. We concentrated on Paradox (fans and twists), Betweed, Mooka, threw in a little Printemps, and Hollibaugh. I tangled the heck out a frame to showcase all the tangles we were practicing.
It was a crazy night (we had to move our class location), but they were all troopers. We found the "Zen" within the chaos. Thanks ladies, it was a fabulous class and now they are officially Zentangle Zealots!

My Zentangle Zealots class logo
Even though it was
a hectic evening I had a wonderful time visiting with old friends and meeting new. Great group. I want to thank the Saline Library for their help.

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  1. I agree with your comments about MacDee. Like the quadrant idea. It is always a challenge to transition tangles.

  2. Wonderful! Great choice of tangles and lovely idea with the quandrants!

  3. What can I say other than beautiful.

  4. Love you Bijou ensemble on tan paper, and the frame is beautiful!

  5. Beautiful Challenge Tile. Love your design and the way you laid it out. Great idea, and your colors are so effective. Enjoyed your write up.

  6. WOW !!! beautiful art. Your technique is amazing, and the end result - stunning.
    I love the quadrants and how they are connected. I also love the color theme you used.

  7. Thanks for a great class despite the logistical challenges! Love your challenge entry this week! Hope to see you soon!

  8. i like your quadrant idea. all the tangles you chose work well together. the highlights really make this tan background pop!

  9. Beautiful work - both of them! :)

  10. Love the quadrant idea that you used for this challenge. Beautiful line work and shading/highlighting on this tile! Your Zentangle Zealots sure look like they had a great time!
    The frame is great!

  11. I'm out of superlatives - that's utterly utterly fab!


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