Diva Challenge #301 - DuoTangle (Sort of) - Paradox vs Diva Dance

DuoTangle (Sort of) - Paradox, Diva Dance,
and a little Lumpi,
The Diva features Rick and Maria's video "Kitchen Table Tangles" with Rick doing his Paradox with Diva Dance. He does it with such patience and structure, love watching his process and listening to both he and Maria.

I really love Paradox, but we were not always friends, with persistence, and lot's of practice, we became very close. I enjoy the way this tangle takes on different forms depending on the original shape / structure that encases Paradox. I chose to begin with a square and let it build from there.

I always feature this tangle in my Beyond Basics class. I feel it's one of the tangles that takes complete concentration, it makes you pay attention. I also enjoy the fact that is can really morph into such a beautiful organic, curvy delight. I tried to show the variation of form, line weight, the difference adjusting spacing of each line makes in the look of Paradox.

Lumpi is a tangle by Natalie Plechova that I just came across on YouTube and I had to incorporate it. I TRIED to keep this a DuoTangle, but I am WEAK...

I tucked my chop in the same fashion as Rick's, inspiration by our fearless leaders :)

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  1. This is great! Looks like the tangles are "morphing" in and out of each other? I love the little "extra" Lumpi! :)

  2. Oooo. I love the way it flows in and out and around becoming one. The tangle Lumpi just looks like a seed pod coming out of the combining of the 2 tangles.

  3. I haven't seen Lumpi before, so thank you for the introduction. Where did you discover it? I like your approach to paradox and how you made it so flowing.

  4. Me too, didn't know Lumpi before, so one more lovely tangle,thank you Danni. I do like this tile very much because of a wonderful composition and nice contrasts.

  5. Beautiful flow with your tile and thanks for the introduction to Lumpi.

  6. Paradox is really a fun tangle since it can be quite simple or very complex. I like how you put these two tangles together, and the Lumpi is a nice touch!

  7. Like the addition of Rock 'n Roll to this tile.

  8. Lots of great transitions... Beautifully organic!

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