Diva Challenge #300 - Moebius Awareness Day

Moebius Syndrome Awarness - version1
Dancers, Smiles, Hearts, Mooka, Tipple, and Printemps

Moebius Syndrome Awarness - version 2
Moebius Awareness logo with Tripoli, some Hearts and Purple!

The Diva Reached her 300th Challenge this week, congratulations to her. For this week's challenge we revisit the Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. Her son Artoo has this syndrome and through her blog we have seen his progress and amazing development.

This is the fifth Moebius Syndrome Awareness Challenge I've had the honor to participated in: Challenge #55, #103, #151, #251.  I chose to use a 3Z tile size and shape. The slogan "Smile With Your Heart" is a wonderful uplifting message so I used that as my inspiration.

Check out the other wonderful tiles for this week's 300th Diva Challenge.






 Challenge #299 - Drawings and Triangle Exploration

Combined Triangle Tiles, Common String, with touches of blue

triangle tiles 1-5
triangle tiles 6-8
Last week I decided to try my hand at triangle tiles. Mine are not equilateral (only 2 sides are 3.5") since I cut them out of a divided circle. but it gave me the basic feel. I created a template and I cutout my in the "fashion of" the official Zentangle® 3Z triangle tiles.This was more of an exploration in sections. I used the Zentangle blog Twelve Days of 3Zs Christmas Challenge as inspiration. Things got way out of hand and I couldn't stop myself. I finished up my pieces Sunday night.

Lot's of tangles and techniques for these pieces:
  1. Shattuck, Cresent Moon, Drawings, Tripoli,
  2. Lolliwhop, Knightsbridge, Mac-Ra-Me, Gourdeous
  3. ICanThis, Poke Berry, Knightsbridge,
  4. Drawings, Tipple,
  5. Marasu, Poke Leaf, Molygons, Printemps, with Bijou's cousin
  6. Tripoli, Crescent Moon, Moowa,     Knightsbridge, Purk beadz
  7. Tripoli, Hollibaugh, Tipple
  8. Drawings, Diva Dance

This is over the top for me but what the heck!


  1. Danni... I adore both of your Moebius tiles, but I think I'm partial to the top one. I love the dancers who express love and joy at the top of the symbol and I find your quote delightful. Just wonderful! I also loved seeing your triangle exploration. Another beautiful piece of work. :)

  2. Beautiful results on these lovely 3Z tiles, I like them all very much. I'm also fond of your Diva tiles, your quotes are wonderfull and me too, love those little dancers, great job!!!

  3. Fabulous Moebius tiles! Absolutely love the concept of your first one! We should all "Smile with our Heart!" Thank you for this gift! :)

  4. You're triangle exploration is very inspiring! Very intricate. Love them! I will have to attempt something like this. :)

  5. Your 3Z style pieces are inspiring. I'm teaching a class on Monday where I plan to use them for the more advanced students. After the class, I will send them to your site for more inspiration! Super Moebius tiles too!

  6. Love your Moebius tiles, (the dancers) and "Smile with your heart" quote. This is a lovely tribute to Artoo. Your triangle tiles are beautiful.

  7. So many beautiful work to see here! Especially I like your first 3z tile with the Moebius logo! It´s just gorgeous!

  8. Nice work. I have seen a lot of ensembles with the triangle tiles. Have not tried that yet. Hopefully can order some soon or I may follow your lead and cut some of my own.

  9. What a beautiful work on thos blogpost! You first Moebius tile made me smile- it is so cute and the text is lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Nice tiles ! I especially like the second background tile !


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